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Architecture / Installation

Moving a TikiWiki Site from one domain to another

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I am trying to move the contents of an existing tikiwiki site (26.4) from one domain to another as follows:
1) create a backup of the existing data base contents in the old domain
2) Install TikiWiki (26.2) in the new domain
3) install backed up data in to new data base

Initially, when launching the domain, I see the TikiWiki installer but after the restore of the data base when launching the new domain - I am immediately re-routed to the old domain. Is there anywhere a change I need to make in order for this re-routing NOT to occur. I am not an expert - but I can get around Unix and data bases.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Ulrich,

Your problem may be twofold:
1) your database configuration still has the old domain defined as server_domain
2) your cache needs to be cleared

1) To solve #1, you must have a database manager installed, I presume phpMyAdmin.
Go to your database, and locate a table called tiki_preferences. You will find a row called server_domain, make this your domain name (or IP address) or leave blank. There may also be a different setting that tells Tiki a "fallback" address - make sure that's your new domain (or IP) too, or leave that blank.

2) to solve #2, clear your website cache using SSH command line on your server:
First, cd to your website root, like /var/www/html/yourwebsite/
Then execute the following (no need for sudo):
php console.php cache:clear

Your website will load as it should!
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{QUOTE(thread_id=>79461)}Hello Ulrich,

Hello Mathias,

Predictably, your message ended up in my spam folder. Sorry for late reply.
I did what you suggested - the site no longer goes to the 'old' address but it also does not render correctly.
I am about to give up on this as it is a documentation site for a software package which needs to be redone as the product has evolved greatly.
Again, thanks a lot.

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I originally misread your Tiki versions — are you suggesting you moved from a newer version to an older one? (I originally misread it as you were moving from 24 to 26 (bootstrap), but your post says 26.4 to 26.2) — maybe this is creating problems with rendering, although it should not.
Another thing that someone suggested to me is a different PHP version on the new server, which may cause things to break (which I have encountered).

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I did indeed try first to move from 24 to 26 - failed miserably.
The last atempt was to install the same version as on the original system (24.?) and after having intitialised the installation, I removed all the tables from the db, restored ma backup, made the changes to the db as you suggested - but then the rendering was corrupt.
Thanks for your help - as I have said above, I am giving up on recovering the data and will redo my doc - loads of fun.