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trackers permissions don't seem to work as expected

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I try to assign permissions so as to let people do anything except adminnig trackers.
To achieve this I assign every tracker permission except tiki_p_admin_trackers.

But, as a result, when listing tracker items, all I get is empty listing with only one tracker status icon (see attachement) and no items at all.

Assigning 'tiki_p_admin_trackers' solves the problem of course.

Any suggestions?

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I have just submitted this as a bug to the sourceforge bug tracker.
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I have responded to that. You are using 1.9 which is unstable code. If you want stableness for a live site you should be using BRANCH-1-8 or at least know how to debug the php code and stay on 1.9.


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I use 1.9RC3, 2004-09-07 15:00, have downloaded from files section of sourceforge.

I will check the problem with the latest CVS checkout of branch-1-9 as you suggest, but then, I'm a little bit confused...

I am aware of the fact that 1.9 is unstable, but the RC version is supposed to be debugged, right? So why create RC branch; in other words: what is the difference between RC branch and CVS 1.9?

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Sylvie has given me a clue on SF. Take a look if you like:
SF bug submission