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Trackers & permissions

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Having trouble getting object permissions working.

We have several trackers most of which are to be modified by admin only but listed and viewed by all.
A particular user should be able to add & modify one particular tracker.

All 'Registered' user group have following perms:-
tiki_p_view_trackers_pending; tiki_p_view_trackers_closed; tiki_p_view_trackers; tiki_p_tracker_vote_ratings; tiki_p_tracker_view_ratings; tiki_p_list_trackers; tiki_p_tracker_view_comments; tiki_p_comment_tracker_items.
We created a group called 'Edit Tracker' which inherited 'Registered' permissions and added the particular user.
The particular tracker has the following perms assigned to group 'Edit Tracker':-
tiki_p_create_tracker_items; tiki_p_list_trackers; tiki_p_modify_tracker_items;

All works fine other than....
The 'Registered'user group can't see the particular tracker with object perms assigned to group 'Edit Tracker'.
ie. doesn't show up under 'List Trackers')

Any help appreciated.

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Found it....

I should have also assigned tiki_p_list_trackers & tiki_p_view_trackers to group 'Registered' for the particular Tracker.

Category permissions would be much better if only...

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