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Plugin List, Split in table row each item List results

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On Tiki 22
I have a tracker with kids items (kidname).
I have a tracker with family items (name).
I have a tracker with orders where kids can be added using an item list field (kidSname customername).

For Sfez in my order tracker I have:

  • kidSname: Bernard, Eitan, Mika
  • name: Sfez


  • kidSname: Jone, Jane
  • name: Doe


  • kidSname: Donald
  • name: Duck

I want to create a table (List) that look like this (kidname name) :
||Order | Kids
1 | Bernard|Sfez
1 | Eitan|Sfez
1 | Mika|Sfez
1 | Jone| Doe
1 | Jane| Doe
1 | Donald| Duck

For Sfez, the results from tracker_field_kidSname look like this:
tracker_field_kidSname => "tokenyvvbvdfbvbzxpyccpzvttbearppucfqz..." (unuseable)
tracker_field_kidSname_text => "Bernard,Eitan,Mika"

If I use a Format on this field to display it I see an array:
tracker_field_kidSname => "24,25,26"

Now... How can I split these results ?
I have the feeling that using the array I can set a condition (if lenght > 0) then explode result and something.
But... 🥴