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Export all pages to XML

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Hi all,

How do you export all pages to an XML file?

I see that the article XML Import-Export tells you to create a structure, tick it in the list and then select XML ZIP from the "Perform action with selected" dropdown list.

When I go to
while logged in as super admin, the only options I have in the "Perform action with selected" list are "Delete" and "Delete with the pages".


I have also tried downloading pages using the options under the spanner/wrench icon.


Unfortunately, these all provide some header text but not the actual pages.

The ZipArchive class for php is installed and enabled. This leads me to the following questions,

  • Is the Tiki documentation out of date?
  • Am I doing something wrong?

I have also tried downloading the pages using the "Export Wiki Pages" button at


This creates a single text file for every single page, which is not ideal. Additionally, these files retain their tiki markup, so is it possible to download pages either without tiki markup, or with HTML or markdown? Some might argue that this relates to GDPR article 20.