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Anonymous visitor shows as Logged in as Anonymous, and can see things restricted to the Registered group

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I am moving a community association website from version 15, to Tiki version 24. I allow association members to create accounts to log into the site, and they get assigned the Registered group.

We have a neighborhood garage sale, and I allow non members, Anonymous visitors, to register their sales, they only have to live in the neighborhood to register their sale.

I have a Tracker for registering the sales, an input template page, and a garage sale registration page with the {TRACKER()} plugin, displaying the template page, and allowing them to register.

When an Anonymous visitor goes to the GS Registration page, the page displays that they are Logged in as Anonymous, and the page offers the "Monitor Page" option, and all my menu items, that are only supposed to display to logged in members in the Registered group, are displayed to those Anonymous visitors.

I have fixed the menu items so they do not display to the Anonymous visitor by creating a new group called Member, and assigning registered members to that group. Is there any way I can get it to stop displaying that they are logged in as Anonymous, and get it to stop displaying the Monitor Page option?

Thanks, Tom

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Hi Tom Jarvis

That sounds odd, but possible due to a regression in the tracker plugin (i suspect), but it might also be the form template page or something in the tracker setup (and or your permissions setup...)

Can you share your wiki pages source at least maybe?

Alternatively you could report it as a bug on https://dev.tiki.org/File-a-bug and see if you can reproduce it on a show instance there?

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I am very sorry, but the odd error appears to have been caused by me.

After reading Jonny's message, I went back, edited the page again, and took everything off the page that didn't need to be there (I had some other plugins and things), and the problem went away.

Thanks, Tom

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