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Features / Usability

Love the Packages!

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Just wanted to give the devs kudos on the Packages feature, I am still using 21.3, but for the first time I actually tried to install two packages, and it was very successful. I installed mpdf/mpdf and npm-asset/lozad, no hang ups, took about a minute, and all the dependencies were loaded as well, and like magic, I got my PDF's to display and print, and my images are lazy loading now.
Just like sliced bread, thank you devs!

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Does anyone recommend a "must have" package that I may be missing? Thank you. :-)

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Hi John Morris

Glad they're working for you, it took a few goes to get them reliable on a lot of platforms (wasn't me, big kudos to rjsmelo and Marc Laporte of course).

Lozad and mPDF are the two main must haves i agree, but have a go at tikiwiki/diagram which is draw.io in a wiki plugin. Also npm-asset/pdfjs-dist-viewer-min is good if you use a lot of PDFs (and have users in cranky old browsers that don't display them properly ;)

There are quite a few new ones that i haven't tried yet, tikiwiki/tiki-manager looks really exciting (manage and update your tiki instances from within tiki, tiki 25+), must try npm-asset/recordrtc some time, and bower-asset/wodo.texteditor looks like it could be useful too.

Glad you're enjoying them - the new wysiwyg for markdown may well need to be installed through packages, so thanks again Marc Laporte for the foresight to get this project started (as usual mrgreen)

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