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CustomSearch, clever way to filter a multiselect tracker field

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In Tiki24.1 I have tracker with a multiselect checkbox field.
I want to use a customSearch with this field to filter tracker items.

There is no explicit example for this type of fields at https://doc.tiki.org/PluginCustomSearch#Creating_form_elements

I tried to adapt method and fields option (with _text and without) from the page.
If I can get the value displayed or populated any filtering fail to filter and display results.

I ended with an input filtering manually created for all the possible values.

{input type="checkbox" _filter="content" _field="tracker_field_fuit" _value="Apple" _group="20"} Apple
        {input type="checkbox" _filter="content" _field="tracker_field_fuit" _value="Orange" _group="20"} Orange

This is a pain and fragile (labels change) any clever way to filter on a tracker multi-select field ?

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