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Architecture / Installation

Missing page variable in links FIXED on windows Xampp Installation! http_build_query

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I'd like to avoid others this headick of searching hours for a hard problem to guess...

I had a problem: many links on Tikiwiki 4.1 (and also 4.2) wouldn't show up correctly, the "page" variable wouldn't add up to the link. So i would somehow could not do proper actions on the Tikiwiki pages (the page bar and the admin).

So after searching, it is a issue related to the http_build_query function, during the parsing with SMARTY.

I was trying to install on PHP 5.1.1 on a Windows XAMPP Installation.

The problem was that my version of http_build_query was not working properly. It would accept only 2 parameters of the 3. Strange?

So i fixed it by modifying the file lib/smarty_tiki/function_query.php

Around line 95, change to:

if (eregi("Win32", $_SERVER['SERVER_SIGNATURE']))
		$ret = http_build_query($query);
      $ret = http_build_query($query, '', $sep);

So make sure http_build_query is working properly!
Please check/update.
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