See Roundtable Meetings (the third Thursday of each month at 14:00 UTC).

Also see the schedule for TikiFests.

Hang Out and Interact in a chat

The general place to hang out, chat and interact "live" with other community members currently is Gitter/Matrix room and you can see previous messages if you scroll up in that page.

In the past, it was using the IRC chat, which had a web interface and was also being logged.

Webinars in BBB

For webinars, Roundtable Meetings and during TikiFests we often use the open source BigBlueButton audio-video-chat-screensharing-whiteboard server (which has recently been upgraded to 0.8 Beta so please report any issues you may encounter).


We are recording the audio/video, slides, shared screens and chat messages of the sessions for the others who cannot participate live so by entering the room you agree to be recorded.

Please note, that some of the older recorded sessions below were recorded with IP address in the URL, so you need to replace the IP address with tiki.bigbluebutton.org manually if you see 404 Not Found error message.

General info

  • All you need is an up-to-date web browser (capable of HTML5 video/audio).
  • Normally, you should be able to have audio via your computer. Make sure to have a headset (ideally USB) or we may mute you for most of the meeting to avoid background noises.
  • You'll also be able to phone in using Skype or a regular phone, but in this case, you won't have access to chatroom and presentation.
  • If you are logged on to tiki.org when you click the button above, you will have moderator rights, and thus, you will be able to be the presenter and show slides, share your desktop, and make others presenters. You can register here.
  • There is no limit on the number of people connecting to the system via the web interface, even if performance is optimized for 25 or less concurrent attendants for BBB v0.80. The number of people that can call in using the phone number is currently limited to 8. If you need this to be higher, just ask.

BBB current Recordings

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