Roundtable Meeting 2016 02


Roundtable meeting recording:

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Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 19:00:00 UTC time (click for time zone in your city)
(Premeeting: Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 19:00:00 UTC time )


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  • Fosdem 2016 (it was at the end of January)
  • Pre-discussion on "When and how are usability improvements supposed to be introduced?"
  • Short Tiki15 release update

1st hour quick news

  • Planning Tiki15 release.
    • Status update
    • Tasks remaining
  • ✔ Tiki tagline refresh and possible name shortening
    • ✔ Report on research done by Synergiq Solutions branding pros
      • ✔ Discussion on next steps
      • ✔ Survey to consultants list
  • ✔ Tiki.org gardening
  • ✔ Transifex news for Tiki15 - (gezza)

Second hour, longer topics

  • Discussion: When and how are usability improvements supposed to be introduced?
    • Issue is that issues are only discovered much later on after release when features are supposed to be "frozen", thus UX improvements are never done. Are UX limitations considered FIXes or ENHes?
    • What is the expectation of a x.0 version? Shouldn't UX changes be allowed after x.0 version?
    • If the expectation of a x.0 version is that it's not refined and could be somewhat buggy (for most open source software), then it would make sense that UX enhancements be done in the x.1, x.2 or even x.3 versions. Perhaps there should be a 6 (or more?) month period after a x.0 LTS release where UX changes are allowed?
    • On the other hand, if we want to ship a x.0 version that is fully UX refined, then probably features need to be frozen by the second non-LTS version to give enough time for UX refinements, e.g. once Tiki 17 is released, no new features are allowed - but the Tiki 17->18 cycle will dedicated to UX refinement only. This is probably the more drastic and less feasible option.
    • Also, how about usability testing as part of development process? Timing will have to be in the timeframe as above.

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