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Article Issues

Article ID's changed

So the original article with id 188 redirects now to https://tiki.org/article188 which is the wrong one, and it now needs to go to https://tiki.org/article370-Tiki-reaches-500-contributors-with-commit-access

- Proposed fix procedure. Set up a wildcard regex redirect on the old info.tiki.org domain to redirect everything such as /article370-Tiki-reaches-500-contributors-with-commit-access to "/article-Tiki-reaches-500-contributors-with-commit-access", and change the sefurl rule for articles to have no article number. There is no point having the article number in the SEF URL from a SEF perspective anyway. There is a point prefixing with "article-" to avoid conflicting with a page named "Tiki-reaches-500-contributors-with-commit-access".

Article Images are messed up

Due to file gallery files having different id's articles seem to have the wrong images in them.

- Proposed fix procedure: Manual changing of image IDs.

Wiki Images are messed up

https://tiki.org/download has a picture of AulaWiki instead of Microsoft Web Platform Installer

- Proposed fix procedure: Pls help investigate and see if manual changing is the only way.

Category Jail means the info perspective cannot see anything not categories as "info"

  • News has no articles when in the "Tiki Information" perspective: Solved by categorizing article below
    • I have begun categorizing some of the articles - looks like this is the only way (update with idea from Marc - Maybe use PluginListExecute)?. - Nelson -more update — this has the side effect of switching you over to the info perspective if you read an article (since areas are in use). Not so bad perhaps. Any comments?
      • using the Organize objects I added several old articles into the category, it can be used for mass editing
    • Oh and by the way as I was doing the categorization of articles I noticed a "bug-like" behavior that is not really a bug in that if you open multiple windows with lots of articles in them, edit an article that changes it's "Area" - after you save you are in the wrong perspective so unless you change back first, the edit attempt at the other window won't work.
  • -Forums not appearing- (addressed by redirection page to switch perspective see: https://tiki.org/forumthread58963)
  • -The consultants list shows nothing as well , probably because of perspectives,- This has been resolved now through categorization.
  • Going to home while in Community site brings me to main home page which can be totally annoying.
    • May not have a fix. Failed attempt to address this, I tried switching the GroupHome Page on, so that when you are logged in , the Registered Group Home Page is Community BUT this does not work as all the tiki.org then goes to the Community page when you are logged in (all the links from the Sites in the top bar all point there. So as a trade off, I've set the home link in the main menu (not the Information one) to point to Community
  • Why is the info perspective used on tiki-listpages, tiki-lastchanges, etc. even when you access them from a community page? So you get not only the info style (no side columns, etc.) but also only info-perspective pages show up in the lists.

-RSS Feeds issue - (fixed)

Because of the Suite perspective, we have a duplicity issue with the https://suite.tiki.org/tiki-forums_rss.php vs https://suite.tiki.org/tiki-forums_rss.php
This is causing e.g. duplicate reports of recently updated forums in our IRC channel by the IRC bot.

- Proposed fix procedure: Redirect https://suite.tiki.org/tiki-forums_rss.php to https://tiki.org/tiki-forums_rss.php with 301 response code.

Search indexing issue.

  • Currently solved by switching to elasticsearch, but original issue(s) which seem to point to some performance issues should be investigated if possible
    • The problem seem to be mysql timing out on some monstrous query from tiki_pages_changes. According to my code reading, indexing of these incremental page changes is only done when feature quantify_changes is off so I don't understand why it's still doing that. Maybe I'm reading it wrong. - Nelson
    • -There are many pages with over 500 history - do we really need so many? Maybe I should clean up the history a bit- - Oliver

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