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This page contains a collection of informal video material about Tiki that has been created by members of the Tiki community some may be out of date.

This is a work in progress. Please, contribute with your own videos (see below some tips on how to do it) either for end users, or for admins), and add more links to Tiki-related videos below. To comment the videos, please follow the same format as current comments (Click + to expand notes).

Note that some videos are mirrored in different locations so, depending on your location, choose the one closest to you.

Video tutorials


Smarty Movies

The TikiWiki for Dummies Smarties guide now includes Flash (SWF)-based movies, too:

Several of the demo movies for Tiki 9. Check them out at http://twbasics.tikiforsmarties.com/Demo+Movies

Videos at tv.tiki.org

Many ways to use videos can be found here at the tiki.org community's server dedicated to manage video assets, although the site also needs updating - https://tv.tiki.org.

Here is a complete inventory of movies found:

Videos on YouTube (in English)

Search further for Tiki Wiki at Youtube.

TikiWiki CMS/Groupware lightning talk at FOSDEM 2009

At Fosdem 2009, Marc Laporte, gave a lightning talk about TikiWiki (15 min).

Here: Presentation Fosdem 2009

Introduction to Tiki in Catalan

See the full talk at: http://seeds4c.org/CanBaste

Introduction to Tiki in Spanish

See the full talk at http://seeds4c.org/Fscat2014es

Video-tutorials from a course in Spanish

Full information of the Course at: https://seeds4c.org/CursoTiki

End-user Movies

These movies show how an end-user can interact with a Tiki-powered site.

  • Creating a new wiki page
  • Adding events to the calendar
  • Submitting new directory resources
  • Using Search
  • Adding an RSS feed

These demos are hosted on KeyContent.org .

How to produce your own videos for free?

In order to produce your own videos, you can use, for instance:

Who is working on this:

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