Tiki Software Community Association

The Tiki Software Community Association (short version: Tiki Association) is an incorporated non-profit entity (registered in Ontario province, Canada, since May 29, 2009 - Ontario Corporation Number: 001796906) with the goal to benefit and support the ongoing work and development of the Tiki software community in the following ways:
Tiki Software Community Association
  1. Providing stewardship of community trademarks
  2. Managing a community pool of funds
  3. Supporting community events to advance community cohesion and people networking
  4. Oversee community communications and public relations with other organizations
  5. Supporting community shared hardware infrastructure

The Association's vision is for the Tiki software community to continually become more professional and trustworthy to users, without bureaucracy or excessive process for contributors.

What if I simply want to register at Tiki.org?

Tiki is a free and open source software project. Anyone can join and participate without paying or officially joining anything — simply tiki-register.php. For more information about the community in general, see WhoWhat.


Please see: Contribute to Tiki

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