Habiba Shahbaz

"I am Habiba from the city of Lahore, Pakistan. My original aspirations were to become a doctor and was preparing for the entry test for medical school when I had a sudden realization that medical studies are not for me: for one thing, I can’t do too much rote study since I have a short-term memory, which is a blessing of course and, second, I can’t stand the sight of blood and hospitals make me sick.

"So, I applied for business studies instead and immensely enjoyed it. It was purely conceptual based and appealed to the logic. However, there was another change of mind in the middle of my bachelors of business administration. I wanted to be a lawyer! There was a lawyer’s movement going on in Pakistan to reinstate the Chief Justice when President Musharraf sacked him on the pretense that he misused his powers. There were so many heated speeches and legal terminology and sections from the constitution quoted that one wanted to make sense of it and be part of that rebellious group (https://www.nonviolent-conflict.org/pakistans-lawyers-movement-2007-2009) . Hence my desire to be a lawyer. This desire was immensely condemned by my father, who also happened to be paying for my studies, so that I can do Law only after I have completed my bachelors.

"After completing bachelors I did my Masters in Economic Law from the University of Warwick. I thoroughly loved the experience of studying law in England; the freedom, the anonymity, the friends, the debates, in fact best year of my life.

"Also I did my LLb from Lahore after coming back. I'm now married with two kids. I've been working with EvoluData Solutions, Inc. since Feb 2020. My friend referred me this job that 'a software house is looking for a lawyer' and I applied for the position. Since then I have worked in all capacities for the company like HR, proposals team, content writer, marketer, conducting meetings and of course legal work. I love the variety of work and flexible working hours that this company provides. Recently I have been included in the admin group of the Tiki Software Community Association for which I am ever grateful."

Roberto Kirschbaum

"I've been a developer of tailor-made PHP web applications for businesses for over 20 years. I joined the Tiki world/universe when I started working for EvoluData, back in 2017. I also have work experience in psychology; maybe that prevents me from going (too) crazy when dealing with too many Tiki trackers? Additional interests include planting more trees than I have room to keep."