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Host Your Own Fully Featured Wiki Site With Tiki Wiki: "Overall, the ease of installation and the huge variety of available add-on features for Tiki Wiki really make it one of the best self-hosted Wiki platforms I’ve ever seen. The large and active developer base is always a strong bonus."

InfoWorld BOSSIE Awards

~~ [https://www.infoworld.com/article/2625971/bossie-awards-2010the-best-open-source-software-of-the-year.html] (The links to slideshows of awards are now dead.)

Bossie Awards 2010: The best open source applications:
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is a powerful, integrated, Web-based application. It can build and maintain websites, wikis, groupware, CMSes, forums, blogs, and bug trackers, as well as make them multilingual. While not as widely supported and adopted as MediaWiki, Tiki Wiki is easier to use for publications and documentation sites that are not appropriate for the classic wiki model that allows anyone to edit the content; in Tiki Wiki, a fine-grained role-based privilege system allows you to set up a site in which, for example, readers may leave comments (moderated or not) while editors can approve comments and create and edit articles. Revision tracking is turned on by default and can be enhanced by turning on a workflow system.


Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware was recently named "Best Web Tool" by WebHostingSearch.com, a guide that provides top resources for web tools.

Technology for Future


Tikiwiki Community—-a Vast and Valuable Resource Base: "TikiWiki is in the fifth year of its lifespan and already it helped to build up thousands of websites & Intranets. This confirms the point that Tiki is an extremely powerful application. Loads of features and a large community of contributors characterize TikiWiki."


Read the latest user reviews on Ohloh.net, a free public directory of open source software and people.

IEEE Magazine

— "A Process That Is Not". Hakan Erdogmus. November/December 2009 (Vol. 26, No. 6) pp. 4-7. Published by the IEEE Computer Society
A review of the Tiki development model: software the wiki way.

PC World: Guide to Collaboration

"Vendors like IBM with its Lotus Quickr offering and Jive Software with Clearspace are starting to develop commercial wiki and blogging applications, but there are many free open source applications, such as TikiWiki and Drupal, that could get the job done."


"TikiWiki (Tiki) CMS/Groupware is not only a full-featured wiki content management system and groupware. Its theme management and template system also offer unmatched page design flexibility."

"Whether you are a individual website/business owner or a larger corporation, the TikiWiki is the perfect system to use. It is the complete package for creating a perfect website loaded with all of the features you would love to have with the ease of maintaining all in one administration control panel. This software is so packed with features you will not need to use any other content management system again. This software is easy enough for a novice to use and detailed enough for the veteran webmaster. I highly recommend this software program system."


"I've covered a lot of CMS systems, but none of those systems had me as wide-eyed as TikiWiki. Why? This system has a plethora of options and tools. There is so much here that, upon installation, I wasn't exactly sure where to start first. It's almost too much, but not too much to be useful. You'll probably never use 100 percent of TikiWiki's offerings; just choosing the features you'll stick with will take you a while."

"TikiWiki is enormous. There is so much to do within the confines of this system that covering it as a whole would require a book. But fear not, we'll dig deeper into this outstanding CMS system."

"The more I use TikiWiki, the more impressed I am. I have found this system to be one of the more flexible systems available for Content Management. Even though it falls within the framework of a wiki, it can easily act as a more standard Web site."


"Now comes the big question; why TikiWiki? Why not the other Wiki engines or other PHP supported CMS which are far easier to operate?

The answer is: nowhere will you find a more comprehensive wiki software solution than in TikiWiki. It offers all the normal wiki functions mentioned above plus a lot more. It rolls the features like calendars, polls, forums, etc into one broad package."

Incorporated Subversion

TikiWiki Now... Tiki is something special, very special, you can have your wiki, some blogs, a discussion forum, a chat room, a shoutbox... oh and there's also content management, polling, multiple stylesheet options as they say "Your quest for a full-featured CMS/Groupware has ended!" ...

CMS Watch

One major open-source wiki project, "Tiki," has achieved remarkable velocity over the past year, building out a platform of modules that includes some impressive CMS tools (all written in PHP)....the breadth and depth of participation and energy here make us think that Tiki could become the next Zope.


Grâce à Tiki, vous pouvez gérer un portail communautaire permettant à ses membres de collaborer: avec une structure Wiki comme dans Wikipedia, avec près de cent modules allant des forums, aux sondages, aux outils d'analyse, aux blogues et à tous les outils que l'on trouve sur les portails.

Tikiwiki as a "secure" wiki?

I'm struggling with the possibility of migrating away from MediaWiki (which doesn't handle security, by design), or possibly adding a second "secure" wiki as an option.

I spent an hour or so this evening playing around with Tiki - some pretty fully-featured stuff (if a little "busy" as a result) that should solve any/all issues. I'll keep playing with Tiki to get a better feel for it.

Review of Tiki

http://www.comptechlib.com/1994.html and http://www.msdetta.com/tikiwiki_cms.html
If I were to rate Tiki on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it an 8. This is due to the lack of documentation and also due to the fact that "buggy" sections are included. In my opinion, if a feature does not work correctly, it should not be included as an option!

Wiki Tools: Who's In The Game

On the strictly open-source and noncommercial front, there are several major players. Tiki has an editorial engine for submitting, editing, and approving article submissions, as well as a workflow project-management system. TWiki can be expanded dramatically with server-side plug-in modules that allow for specific handling of functions such as calendars, spreadsheets, Really Simple Syndication, and bar codes. Zwiki offers a plug-in WYSIWYG HTML editor called Epoz that supports all the major browsers. Perspective is popular with some large companies and seems to be the wiki with which many big businesses get their feet wet.

Sourceforge Project of the Month (July 2003)

Keeping a busy web site up-to-date with fresh, engaging content is hard work. There are time lines, multiple contributors, editing of content, and the graphical layout of the site. Content Management System (CMS) is a class of software that is suppose to make all these chores easy. SourceForge.net's July project of the month, Tiki, is a project that executes on this promise and sports the latest content management features including: Wikis, Forums, Article/Submissions, Journals, templates and 370 other features. Tiki has been on SourceForge.net since October, 2002 and currently enjoys an activity ranking in the top ten of our 65,000 projects. The code is licensed under the LGPL and will run on any web server supporting PHP. The SF.NET is proud to make Tiki project of the month.

Living Economies/Stable Money Trust

We at Living Economies/Stable Money Trust in New Zealand have just updated our website in collaboration with CCITexternal link . We've adopted the Tiki content management system, which makes creating a versatile website very easy. In fact, it has been a quite joyful experience over the last 5 weeks, creating this website. I'm still amazed how simple and easy it is and by the many things that can be done, from directories, blogs, forums and articles to wiki pages, file and image galleries etc. just to name the basic things I have used so far.

Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.

Tiki is fast becoming a true contender in the CMS(ContentManagementSystem) arena. Combining the powers of wiki and the modularization of P*Nuke Tiki deserves a slot in your CMS testing.

Techie Stuff — Collaboration Support

I've been keeping an eye on this TikiWiki for awhile now and keep coming back. Partly because it's GNU freeware and partly because it appears on surface to be comprehensive, well designed/developed, and attractively easy to use.

The Wide World of Wiki

Now... Tiki is something special, very special, you can have your wiki, some blogs, a discussion forum, a chat room, a shoutbox... oh and there's also content management, polling, multiple stylesheet options as they say "Your quest for a full-featured CMS/Groupware has ended!" You pay for it in MB (my installation is about 37MB... to start with) but wow... it does everything and stuff you didn't know you wanted to do. It's also got a strong community... is very current... is PHP / MySQL based and ... well, it's rather good. There is a drawback though... it's too good. You couldn't just sit down a bunch of teachers and say 'hey, use this'... they'd be very scared.... you could give them simple wiki spaces to use but the extra functionality is just around the corner waiting to scare them (and if they can't play / change / explore then they can't without, well, getting scared). Getting people to use Tiki, I imagine, is like getting people to use WebCT or Blackboard... it's a cultural thing... a developing thing... a 'commitment' thing. I want to use it but don't know if I'd inflict it on others until I was going to say 'hey.... here's your new 'everything'... if you know what I mean... but I am tempted (an could well be wrong!)

WordPress, TextPattern and Tiki

Despite the name, Tiki is much more than a Wiki — more a portal app with tons of built-in modules: blogs, articles, polls and surveys, quizzes, file browsers, forums, etc. Really quite amazing how inclusive it is. For the right kind of site, it would be great to have all of this under one roof. If I were building the J-School intranet again from scratch, I'd consider an all-in-one package before piecing things together and writing custom code to fill in the gaps — the benefit of using a single login alone would be worth a lot. The inevitable downside of throwing the kitchen sink at the problem is that none of the modules are as sophisticated or as well-cared-for as the more specialized apps I've already got filling those roles. For publishing a single blog, it's a matter of swatting mosquitos with an elephant gun - 95% of the app will go unused, and the blogging module will never have the care or momentum you get from an app backed by dozens of coders dedicated to doing a single app right. Nevertheless, Tiki feels nicely put together, and got me thinking about the possibilities of using an integrated portal app like this for other projects.

The Hindu

Another product, also developed through PHP, tried out by this author recently, is the multi-purpose program, `TikiWiki' (http://tikiwiki.org), a tool that can be used to build web applications such as Portals, Blogs and Wikis (a Wiki is a web site with pages that can be edited by anyone on the Net). As the installation process is almost similar to the one described above, it is not elaborated here.

DIDET — Digital Libraries for Global Distributed Innovative Design, Education and Teamwork

The DIDET project used the open source wiki product 'Tikiwiki' to create LauLima. Tiki was extensively customised and enhanced to produce LauLima which incorporates a learning environment and digital library, both with a powerful permissions system.

Linux Magazine

Content — any content — in the wiki can be changed, extended, or created anew at any time by any user (although some access controls are typically available). In fact, a wiki is largely a content management system, where the wiki itself is just one way to organize and present the information.

And that's the kernel of the idea behind Tiki, or just Tiki, an expansive wiki that also provides for articles, file and image galleries, forums, weblogs, and many other forms of sharing information. At more than 250,000 lines of code, and more than 375 different features, the Tiki developers describe their work as "A catch-all PHP application, so you don't have to install so many!"


Tiki is one cool product. It's incredibly configurable, customisable and extensible (and many other buzzwords besides). You can get it running in about 10 minutes, but also spend ages getting it "just the way you want".

Tiki is way more than a Wiki - it's a "one size fits all" application that includes countless other features, like forums, FAQs, articles, etc etc. It's a "next generation" application that relies extensively on a backend database to store configuration and data. That makes it a degree more complex than something that uses config files, but it's easily worth it. The fine grained permissions model of Tiki means that you can assign specific abilities to groups of users. Also, the feature enable/disable capability means that you can switch off bits of Tiki you don't want, removing the need to maintain permissions or content in them.

Aplus.Net Breaks Ground with the Tiki

The Tiki CMS offers great benefits beyond keeping in contact with customers and facilitating teamwork. Customer satisfaction can be improved through the Tiki communication channels, such as forums, polls, surveys, etc. The Tiki can also help businesses reduce costs by improving productivity of employees via the collaboration tools offered. Additionally, revenue can be increased utilizing the Tiki by upselling the existing customer base and selling advertisement space on the high traffic content pages. The unique nature of this tool and its many advanced features can also help businesses beat the competition by being the first to market with innovative products.


If I were to rate TikiWiki on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it an 8. This is due to the lack of documentation and also due to the fact that "buggy" sections are included. In my opinion, if a feature does not work correctly, it should not be included as an option!

Misc Papers presented at Conferences & in Journals

Each has some reference to TikiWiki. The papers themselves are not included but links to ?open? sources for each. Note the text in the following tables is taken from a zotero report. Hopefully there will be direct access some time in the near future see Zotero.

Computer literacy and attitudes towards e-learning among first year medical students
Type Journal Article
Author T. M Link
Author R. Marz
Publication BMC Medical Education
Volume 6
Issue 1
Pages 34
Date 2006
Library Catalog Google Scholar

New method using Wikis and forums to evaluate individual contributions in cooperative work while promoting experiential learning:: results from preliminary experience
Type Conference Paper
Author X. de Pedro Puente
Date 2007
Proceedings Title Proceedings of the 2007 international Symposium on Wikis
Pages 87 - 92

One Is Not Enough: A Hybrid Approach for IT Change Planning
Type Journal Article
Author S. Hagen
Author N. Edwards
Author L. Wilcock
Author J. Kirschnick
Author J. Rolia
Publication Integrated Management of Systems, Services, Processes and People in IT
Pages 56–70
Date 2009
Short Title One Is Not Enough
Library Catalog Google Scholar
Abstract We propose a novel hybrid planning approach for the automated generation of IT change plans. The algorithm addresses an abstraction mismatch between refinement of tasks and reasoning about the lifecycle and state-constraints of domain objects. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first approach to address this abstraction mismatch for IT Change Management and to be based on Artificial Intelligence planning techniques. This has several advantages over previously existing research including increased readability, expressiveness, and maintainability of the descriptions. We developed the foundations of the approach and successfully validated it by applying it to change request planning for TikiWiki, a Content Management System.

TikiWiki: a tool to support engineering design students in concept generation
Type Conference Paper
Author A. Wodehouse
Author H. Grierson
Author W. J. Ion
Author N. Juster
Author A. Lynn
Author A. L. Stone
Date 2004
Proceedings Title International Engineering and Product Design Education Conference, Delft, the Netherlands
Short Title TikiWiki
Library Catalog Google Scholar
http://bit.ly/a7LCgQ (pdf)

WikiWikiWebs: New Ways to Communicate in a Web Environment
Type Journal Article
Short Title WikiWikiWebs
Library Catalog Google Scholar

CMS The Wiki Way
Type Magazine Article
Author M. Farkas
Publication American Libraries
Volume 39
Issue 11
Pages 35
Date December 2008
Library Catalog CINAHL

Blogging your PACS
Type Journal Article
Author P. Mongkolwat
Author A. Kogan
Author J. Koh
Author D. S Channin
Publication Journal of Digital Imaging
Volume 18
Issue 4
Pages 326–332
Date 2005
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