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WikiSuite is 13 years old!

Marc Laporte -

So I launched this 13 years ago! I am very pleased with the current state and progress. It will just get better and better as the community grows :-)

Here were the initial vision/goals/plans:

A slideshow: https://wikisuite.org/Initial-Slideshow
An interview (in French): https://wikisuite.org/Initial-Interview

It was originally called "Tiki Suite" as a suite of tools around Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, and also because suite also means next in French. So the next step for Tiki :-)

A giant in Open Source: Jonny Bradley's 10,000 Commits to Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

Ndiwayesu -

In the dynamic realm of Open Source collaboration, where lines of code narrate tales of dedication, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware stands out as a versatile and robust platform, empowering communities with a comprehensive suite of content management, collaboration, and communication tools. Within this vibrant ecosystem, Jonny Bradley reflects the spirit of community-driven projects. With over 10,000 commits to Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, Jonny's journey represents more than a numerical milestone; it's a saga of commitment, growth, and the enduring power of shared passion.

Happy 21st Anniversary, Tiki!

John Santos -

Today, we raise a virtual toast to celebrate the remarkable journey of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware as it turns 21. What began as a modest wiki with extras in 2002 has blossomed into a versatile web application, shaping the landscape of intranets, websites, portals, knowledge bases, and more. Tiki has not just stood the test of time; it has evolved into a tech powerhouse.

Tiki 26 Release Continues Rapid Feature Development

Gary Cunningham-Lee -

Following the project's biggest-ever release, Tiki 25, seven months ago, the pace of code commits has only accelerated and now Tiki 26 is available with significant new features, further development of recent feature additions, and the usual bug fixes and enhancements.

New features include color mode support, so Tiki sites are responsive to the user's browser color scheme preference and can be toggled between light, dark, and auto (with more configurability options coming soon). A new emoji picker enables picking and inserting emojis (finally 😬). Tiki 26 includes a new theme, BookStacked, an implementation of the BookStack web app appearance. Interact.js and a URL fragment guesser have also been added.

Enhancements have been made to Cypht webmail, Calendars, the debugger console, InterTiki (for inter-Tiki-website interaction), Manticore search, Tiki's Markdown implementation, several modules, Tablesorter, Tiki Crawl for web scraping and web crawling, and the tracker feature. See https://doc.tiki.org/Tiki26 for more details.

Tiki 26 has been updated to benefit from the higher performance and new features of PHP 8.1. See Requirements for more information about Tiki and PHP versions.

This release is available for download or installation via git or Tiki Manager.

Many thanks to all who contributed to developing and testing Tiki 26.

Tiki is free Open Source software that is made possible by individual volunteer efforts and donated funds and services. If you would like to help the project continue, please visit the page Contribute to Tiki. Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

If there are any questions about this new release, please ask in the Tiki community chat room or use other contact options. To look into paid assistance, please visit the consultants page. For enterprise-level support, please contact EvoluData.

More New Security Updates Released and again Strongly Recommended

Gary Cunningham-Lee -

In line with our Tiki release support practices and thanks to the diligent efforts of the Tiki code contributors, security updates are now available for four Tiki versions: Tiki 25 (as of this writing the current stable release version), Tiki 24 LTS (Long-Term Support) and Tiki 21 LTS, as well as Tiki 18 LTS, which has now reached the end of its support period. Many thanks also to security researcher Egidio Romano (https://karmainsecurity.com) and to Roberto and Rodriguez for preparing these releases.

Users of these versions are strongly recommended to update their websites. Please get the latest-version files here: Tiki 25.2, Tiki 24.4, Tiki 21.9, and Tiki 18.11.

If there are any questions, please post in the forums here or in the Tiki chat or on a Tiki mailing list. Support beyond what the Tiki community can provide through these channels is also available from EvoluData (https://evoludata.com/Tiki-Extended-Security-Maintenance), including support for any version, including outdated versions.

New Security Updates Released and Strongly Recommended

Gary Cunningham-Lee -

Security updates are now available for several Tiki versions — Tiki 25x, Tiki 24x LTS, Tiki 21x LTS, and Tiki 18x LTS — and users of any of these versions are strongly recommended to update their websites. Please get the latest-version files at the respective links.

Note that other Tiki versions, such as Tiki 15 or Tiki 20, did not receive these security fixes, so any site using such versions should be upgraded to the appropriate updated version.

The updates follow a security audit by Egidio Romano (https://karmainsecurity.com), and we would like to thank him very much for this work.

Biggest Tiki Release Ever: Tiki 25

Gary Cunningham-Lee -

Tiki 25, our biggest release ever in terms of new features and technical upgrades, was completed after nine months of intense development, a fitting conclusion to Tiki's 20th year of continuous development.

Some Tiki releases were characterized by big new features, some by big revamps of existing features, and some by big interface upgrades. Tiki 25 is notable for advancing in all three of these ways.

This release is available for download or installation via git or Tiki Manager. The PHP requirement remains at version 7.4. See https://doc.tiki.org/Tiki25 for full details.

Many thanks to all who contributed to bringing Tiki 25 to completion at a challenging time, demonstrating the antifragility of our "wiki way" of software development.

Read on for more specifics about version 25 of Tiki.