20.x - Latest Stable Release, Standard Term Support version

Obtain the latest cutting-edge versions by downloading now.

For a complete list of new features, improvements and bug fixes see the Tiki 20.x Documentation page.

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18.x - Latest Stable Release, LTS (Long Term Support) version

The current stable version is for those looking for the latest and greatest Tiki capability.

Tiki 18 brings new features such as H5P, and refinements and extensions of existing features, along with continuing overall improvement in the Tiki code.

Learn more about Tiki versions and releases here.
See all the enhancements since the previous LTS: Tiki18 and Tiki15.

Learn more about the development here.

Requires PHP 5.6.

15.x - Previous Long Term Support version

This LTS ("Long Term Support") version is in "Regular support period" with bug fixes and minor, self-contained enhancements.

Pick this one for the most mature LTS version or if limited to PHP 5.5.

See all the enhancements since the previous LTS: Tiki15, Tiki14 and Tiki13

Requires PHP 5.5.

All versions (including the unsupported previous ones) are available from https://sourceforge.net/projects/tikiwiki/files/

Alternative Ways to Install Tiki

One-Click Script Managers and Remote Installers

Tiki is provided as a one-click install by most script managers (for example, Softaculous) and remote installers (such as SimpleScripts). These auto-installers are offered by nearly all web hosts and control panel (cPanel) applications, and make it easy to install and upgrade your Tiki.
See 1-Click Installers for more information, also check recommended and friendly hosting solutions

Bitnami Installer

Bitnami provides a full stack installer for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It includes PHP, My PHPAdmin and MySQL in the installation so these do not have to be set up separately. It provides an installation of the latest stable release of Tiki, and instructions for upgrades.
Further information can be found at Bitnami Tiki Wiki.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer

To install Tiki from the Windows Web App Gallery, visit Microsoft Web Platform installer. Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is included in the Windows Web App Gallery and can be installed with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Download with wget

The URLs at SourceForge usually end with /download, which causes   wget   to use download as filename. For a more convenient download use syntax   wget --trust-server-names   to save with the proper filename. More about this topic at http://sourceforge.net/p/forge/community-docs/downloading-via-cli/.


Tiki is also part of WikiSuite. Learn more at http://wikisuite.org.

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