If you set up your Tiki server according to RecipeMultiTiki, you can use a Python script written by George Geller to add more Tikis.

You need to have root access to the machine and the root mysql password. You also have to have Python installed.

This script is doc/devtools/add1tiki2multi.py.

Invoke the script as root or with sudo:

./add1tiki2multi.py -p <mysql-root-password> <new-domain-name>

For example:

./add1tiki2multi.py -p password new.wikiplanet.com

If you omit the password as in:

./add1tiki2multi.ph new.wikiplanet.com

then the script will prompt you.

I tested the script on x86 machines running Fedora Core 3, as well as ))RedHat(( 8 and 9.

The directory tikiwiki/doc/devtools is only in the cvs version. It is not in the tarball archives. You have to get the CVS version. See Get Tiki for how to get the CVS version.

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