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If you are representing a 1-click installer, virtual machine vendor, distro (or similar) and have questions / issues for deploying Tiki to your platform, please contact gmartin at tiki dot org.

If your request doesn’t fit in the categories above (private feedback, for media inquiries, etc.) please use this form to submit general questions and comments. Please note that the volunteers tracking this feedback have a backlog of several hundreds of messages. It’s free and open software, but you can’t expect volunteers to fix your site!

Also, please note that it’s counter-productive for the community to provide support by private email. If you are having an issue, or something is not clear, it’s very likely someone else is having the same (or a similar) issue and thus, any response should be publicly visible (and searchable) in the forums. If you need timely assistance, you should hire a consultant.


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