Tiki is collaborating with Bluehost to make Tiki run as smoothly as possible. This also generates revenue for the Tiki Software Community Association. (if you subscribe via the link below)

http://bluehost.tiki.org/ is used by Tiki developers.

We are in process for the Bluehost Open Source Service (BOSS)

Our main tech contact is was: Jared Smith


Setting file permissions

When running "bash setup.sh" from the command line there will be warnings about not being root or being on a shared server. However, using the [f] option to "fix the file permissions" will work. Just specify your Bluehost account username as the group name when prompted (instead of nobody).

On the other hand, using the [c] option to run Composer will run into issues due to the other issues explained below, however we have some (somewhat complex) workaround solution you can try following.

Installation via Tiki packages is the recommended installation method

Installation via Tiki packages from our Get Tiki page is the recommended way to install on Bluehosts.

SimpleScript Installer

Bluehost's installer that users SimpleScripts is not recommended as it offers an outdated version of Tiki (we are in the process of contacting them to rectify it)

SVN Install

Installation from an SVN checkout, that requires the use of Composer requires the installation of a separate PHP executable to run Composer, because many of Bluehost's shared servers have command line PHP that runs really old versions, e.g. version 5.2.

Running php -v will show you the current version, you will also likley find a version here: /ramdisk/php/54/bin/php54-cli.

Check php versions available
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php -v ls /usr/bin/php*

You will find versions such as /usr/bin/php56s which are not the CLI versions. Thus, they are of no help at all.

Therefore, it is NOT possible to install Tiki via the SVN checkout and composer for Bluehost with the pre-installed versions of PHP on bluehost.

The only way to overcome this issue is to have a command line version of PHP 5.5 or higher.

VPS Option

Ask Bluehost to install php 7 for you. This will only work in VPS environments.

Shared Hosting

Install a copy of PHP5.5+ in your hosting environment:

Navigate to your account directory root with ssh in terminal. On bluehost it might look something like "/home3/username". Note the ~ stands for your home directory, tying it will not work.

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cd ~/

Make a bin directory and enter it

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mkdir bin cd bin

Fetch a copy of PHP7 (why not?) You can substitute any tar.gz link of PHP7 here.

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wget http://ca2.php.net/get/php-7.0.7.tar.gz/from/this/mirror

unpack the archive and move into your new php directory

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mv mirror php7.tar.gz tar -xvzf php7.tar.gz cd php-7.0.7

Configure make and install php7. There are 3 places where you need to substitute your homedir and username. We are using the bare basics of options. This php copy will only be used by us for running composer after all.

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./configure --with-config-file-path=/homedir/username/etc/php/ --with-config-file-scan-dir=/homedir/username/etc/php/conf.d/ --prefix=/homedir/username/bin/ --with-gd make -j"$(nproc)" make install

Drop down one directory & test if php is running in version 7.

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cd .. bin/php -v

Lets drop back into our account home directory at /homedir/username

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cd ..

We are now ready to modify the setup.sh file to work with our new version of php running. I typically open setup.sh with my favorate text editor from my ftp program and replace all instances of "${PHPCLI}" without the quotes with the full path to the new php you just istalled "/homenum/usrname/bin/bin/php" without the quotes. Save your file and we are almost done.

now enter the home folder for your website eg. (homenum/username/public_html/website, and then run setup.sh

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cd public_html/website sh setup.sh

The above line uses the new php copy we installed to run composer. Done!

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