Testing Tiki installations on major Shared Hosting companies

This is the responsibility of the Packaging Team

Goal: make sure as many people as possible have an easy experience to install Tiki.

Sometimes, shared hosts can have a certain configuration/setup which makes Tiki more difficult to install. Ex.: Site5 and thus people will end up not using Tiki because they can't install it.

There are many benefits for a hosting company to offer Tiki and we want as many as possible Tiki Friendly Hosts.

This is related to 1-click installers. We'll want to make a page like this.

1. Identify hosts with most shared hosting customers

We are not concerned with v-servers of dedicated servers as people that get these can configure them as they please.

2. Determine ideal criteria list

  • Must work well with Tiki
  • Recent versions of PHP/MySQL
  • Buy domain names
  • SSH is quite important
    • Should work with TRIM (SVN, etc.)
  • E-mail is standard (with redirect)
  • .htaccess support
  • Cron job support
  • One-click backups
    • Ideally, automateable offsite backups
  • Must work with 1-click installers
  • Support
  • Affordable pricing but doesn't need to be the lowest
  • Ideally, have reseller plan to make it easier for consultants
    • And/or Affiliate commissions
  • Have a CDN option like CloudFlare has with Bluehost and Arvixe and others
  • wkhtmltopdf

3. Test

  • Get accounts with those companies and do test installs and upgrades
  • Document how it went, and important to note any exceptions
  • Link to known-good sites (such as those listed as Featured Tikis)
  • Use the Server Check script.

4. Get in touch with these companies

To be part of their installers and see if they can adopt the same LTS cycle than Tiki has. Here is Message to 1-click installers about Tiki LTS

5. Improving handling of LTS versions

  • When people install/upgrade, they should indicate if they want LTS or frequent updates

6. Todo

7. The list

Go Daddy

1 & 1







Account with Funio for Tiki


Funio has donated access to an account. Anyone wishing to test drive their services, please contact Daniel for pswrd info

An opinion about Funio






  • Uses SimpleScripts
  • Part of EIG

Yahoo! Small Business

Also to investigate




8. On list?

Do these people have significant shared hosting offers (although they have lots of dedicated servers)



  • Not known for shared hosting

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