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We are very pleased that Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is offered as a 1-click install as part of your installer/control panel. Tiki has frequent releases and it's very helpful that site admins can enjoy 1-click installs and upgrades.

Tiki's frequent releases permit to take advantage of new possibilities (Bootstrap, H5p, Drag&Drop interface, etc.) and many site admins enjoy having access to the latest and greatest.

Here is a recap of innovations in last 4 years:

However, as Tiki has been for many years the Free and open-source software Web Application with the most built-in features, there is a huge part of our user base that does not want/need new features, but only bug fixes and security fixes. This is why we have been offering Long Term Support (LTS) versions for some time, and we have recently decided to extend this LTS period.

Please see details here:

So, we would like to work with you so that versions supported by the Tiki community are also supported by your install/upgrade script.

Specifically, as Tiki 18.x is now released , the Tiki 15.x series should continue to be supported. So users should have the choice of staying with the 15.x series, which is supported until April 2021.

  • Minor upgrades (.x to .y) can happen at any time, typically every few months
  • Major upgrades are every 6 months (ex.: 18.x to 19.x)
  • Site admin can go from one LTS to another (ex.: 15.x to 18.x) or even skip an LTS (ex.: 12.x to 18.x). During the upgrade, Tiki detects the version and runs the appropriate .sql upgrade scripts.

We feel Tiki's model and well-defined lifecycle offers many benefits for a hosting company. Supporting LTS vs regular paths would be one more superb benefit and add more value for site admins using your installer/control panel.

What are the benefits for a hosting company or 1-click installers to offer Tiki? Please see: http://tiki.org/Hosting+company

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