1-click installers

Goal: For Tiki to be included in leading control panels so non-technical end-users may install and upgrade Tiki easily via a point & click interface.

This is the responsibility of the Packaging Team.

One Click installers for shared hosting

Software of services that can be deployed on various shared hosting services


Application Current Upgrades Imports Notes
Installatron 18.1LTS, 12.9LTS ,9.11LTS yes yes Hosted service or installed on your server (paid)
(12.9 is vulnerable; do not install till upgraded to 12.13! screenshots are out-of-date, 18.1 demo does not work: https://installatron.com/tikiwiki/demo )
Bitnami 18.1 LTS ? ? Packaging and Cloud-based hosting
Softaculous 18.1LTS, 12.13LTS, 15.6LTS yes yes http://www.softaculous.com/softaculous/apps/cms/Tiki_Wiki_CMS_Groupware
Fantastico 18.1LTS, 15.6LTS yes ?


Application Tiki version included Handles upgrades? Import existing install? Offers LTS versions?Tiki offers 3+ years of Long Term Support (LTS). Ex.: Tiki9 is supported until November 2015 (which is about the release of Tiki16), so many users will want to have this possibility with the auto-installers. Please see: Version Lifecycle notes
MOJO Market place 16.2, 15.4LTS YesUsed by BlueHost
ClearOS Marketplace coming soon
SimpleScripts 9.6 yes yes (please test) This is a hosted service. See Basics of a SimpleScripts package. See also BOSS
apsstandard.com for 1 and 1 10.2 ? ? (a request to upgrade has been sent) Application Packaging Developer's Guide offered by ISPConfig
Microsoft Webplatform Installer9.6???

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