One Click installers for shared hosting

Software of services that can be deployed on various shared hosting services


Application Current Upgrades Imports Notes
Bitnami 18.2 LTS ? ? Packaging and Cloud-based hosting
Softaculous 18.2LTS, 12.14LTS, 15.7LTS yes yes http://www.softaculous.com/softaculous/apps/cms/Tiki_Wiki_CMS_Groupware
Fantastico 18.1LTS, 15.7LTS yes ?
Installatron 18.2LTS, 15.7LTS yes yes Hosted service or installed on your server (paid)
(screenshots are out-of-date, 18.2 demo does not work)


Application Tiki version included Handles upgrades? Import existing install? Offers LTS versions?Tiki offers 3+ years of Long Term Support (LTS). Ex.: Tiki9 is supported until November 2015 (which is about the release of Tiki16), so many users will want to have this possibility with the auto-installers. Please see: Version Lifecycle notes
MOJO Market place 16.2, 15.4LTS YesUsed by BlueHost
ClearOS Marketplace coming soon
apsstandard.com for 1 and 1 10.2 ? ? (a request to upgrade has been sent) Application Packaging Developer's Guide offered by ISPConfig
1&1 use also PLESK that is up to date
Microsoft Webplatform Installer9.6???

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