Not recommended
Unfortunately nowadays the service is not very usable and they are very slow1 , 2 patching the installs with new security releases. Try to find an alternative until this improves.


Installatron is one of the 1-click installers which supports Tiki installation and upgrades (updates).
"Installatron Remote is absolutely free for unlimited installs and imports, backups and restores, and up to three (3) upgrades per calendar month."

 Please Note
Unfortunately it counts failed upgrades (e.g., due to insufficient space on disk) too.

Installing Tiki via Installatron

Installing is a breeze and everything works well via FTP or SFTP (creating special FTP user and password for use with Installatron recommended whenever possible). Here installing of Tiki 12.1:

Importing existing Tiki installation

Again, the FTP user must have write access to the destination directory.


When backing up, make sure the FTP user can write to the destination and you have enough free space, or you will get an error message that there is no space for the backup.


Manual updates are very easy. Here is a screenshot of updating (imported) Tiki 9.6 to 9.8:

Automated Updates

This is a premium feature which is not free of charge.
They say: "Here's what you get for subscribing to Installatron Remote Premium for just $29/year:

  • Unlimited email and ticket-based support (for issues pertaining to Installatron Remote).
  • Unlimited installed app upgrades.
  • Unlimited installed app automatic upgrades (not available to non-subscribers).
  • Unlimited installed app scheduled backups (not available to non-subscribers).
  • Unlimited installed app clones (not available to non-subscribers).
  • Installatron branding no longer added in the footer of installed apps.


1 Ticket submitted on 2017-01-28 with the following response: "I've added these TikiWiki updates to our internal todo list, though I can't give an ETA at the moment unfortunately because we are totally swamped with catch-up work to do. But hopefully the person who handles the installers will spot them there and add them in.". Reminder sent on 2017-03-17 with no reply as of 2017-03-24 :-(
2 I contacted them since start April 2018 and I could get them to suggest our last version but aside of this, they continue to suggest harmful version and their demo page is broken - 2018-05-21.

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