Top reasons to use Tiki

  1. Free / Libre / Open Source software: Licensed as LGPL, Tiki is free, both Free Software (as in "Free Speech") and Free of Charge (as in "Free Beer").
  2. No vendor lock-in: Being community supported, there is no single entity (project or vendor) that has disproportionate weight in the project's direction.
  3. A confident and future-proof choice
  4. A vibrant community
  5. Many features
    • Over 1,500 unique features/options make it the Free / Libre / Open Source Web Application with the most built-in features.
    • Ideal for many use cases, such as collaboration, publishing, commerce, social networking, office productivity, e-learning, etc.
    • Has the breadth and depth to most likely address your specific needs as it has been developed through the collaborative work of hundreds of contributors for over 18 years.
    • Part of WikiSuite — a server, web, mobile and desktop apps suite with a focus on greater interoperability and security.
  6. Features are built-in
    • No need to research, choose, download and install additional modules, extensions, or plugins: There is no feature duplication. All the features are built-in, collaboratively maintained by the community, so you avoid the pain of abandoned modules, plugins, and extensions.
    • Everything works with everything: The whole community collaborates on the features instead of relying on third-party components that may have incompatibilities. Turn everything on and it will work.
    • Quick, timely upgrades: When a new version of Tiki comes out, you can upgrade right away and all the features are available.
    • Please see: http://pluginproblems.com
  7. Interoperable:
  8. Open Collaboration: If you need a new feature, join the community and let's work together. If you are a developer, check out How to get commit access.
  9. Innovation: For the latest and greatest and quick access to new features, use the rapid release cycle, with two new major releases per year. Tiki is one of the FLOSS Web Applications with the fastest release cycles. On average, developers update the code (with enhancements and fixes) a dozen times every day.
  10. Up to date with the ecosystem: Even if Tiki is 15 years old, it has constantly adapted, and used the new capacities of the ecosystem. After each Long Term Support (LTS) version, the Requirements are adjusted to permit the developers to use the latest and greatest features. Tiki started with PHP 4, then went through various versions of 5.x, and Tiki 19 will require PHP 7.x.
  11. Stability: For a super stable system with very few changes: Use the Long Term Support (LTS) versions, which is supported for five years.
  12. Performance: Via Tiki-powered communities, we find and address performance bottlenecks. For example, tiki.org has over 20,000 user accounts.
  13. Security: The Tiki Security Team is responsible for reviewing security vulnerability reports and to proceed to a pro-active audit at each major release.
  14. Adaptable Look and Feel: A very powerful templating engine and CSS allows total customization of the site appearance. And Tiki uses Bootstrap, the most popular front-end framework.
  15. Easy hosting: Tiki is a mature application and is widely deployed on shared servers. It has been tested in all kinds of configurations and offers many benefits for a hosting company.
  16. Easy install: You can use the "1-click installers". All the features, languages, etc. are available in the basic install.
  17. Easy to configure: All features/options are activated from the web-based control panel. Profiles such as Small Organization Web Presence, Collaborative Community, Company Intranet, etc. are available to enable a fully configured site in a few clicks.
  18. Adaptable: By default, only a small number of basic, commonly-used features appear in the control panel. As your needs grow, you can also display advanced and experimental features/options.
  19. Easy upgrades: Upgrade from any past version to any supported version in one step (so you can upgrade from 2.x to 19.x).
    • No need to deal with diverse release dates of core software vs those of modules/plugins/extensions.
    • The "1-click installers" also support upgrades.
  20. Predictability: The Version Lifecycle is well-defined so you can plan ahead for major upgrades
    • Service providers and institutions can make multi-year plans with realistic total cost of ownership (TCO) estimates.

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