We are thankful not only to the community but also to the people who are using Tiki, working with it, finding any problems, helping us iron out the flaws, fixing the bugs and rebuilding things that break. They are our most valuable assets.

Here’s a snippet taken from an interview of Luis recorded in Tiki's early days:

While there were a lot of open-source CMSs at the time Tiki was started, none really fulfilled the list of features we wanted; there were also a lot of problems with licensing and the way the projects were handled. Some CMSs started as free products and then started to offer paid releases. We wanted a completely free CMS without license restrictions and a huge list of features — so Tiki was created.”

We are very proud that Tiki still embodies the premise that underlaid its creation.

With Tiki officially achieving adulthood at the age of 18, we can expect even bigger things from it. Tiki is widely used on the individual and enterprise levels and, now, with exciting new features such as machine learning being implemented and with new needs arising for remote collaboration, it is appropriate for Tiki to be equally recognized and put to use by government bodies internationally.

Happy Birthday, Tiki! And here’s hoping — and fully expecting — that the next 18 years will be even better.