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What are the benefits for a hosting company or 1-click installers to offer Tiki?

  1. Tiki is a mature application and is vastly deployed on shared servers. It is widely tested in all kinds of configurations and keeps up to date with new versions of PHP, Apache, MySQL, etc
  2. Tiki doesn't require shell access. FTP-only is OK. (although it takes a lot of time to upload all those files)
  3. Tiki is available via installers like Installatron, Softaculous, Fantastico, and SimpleScripts.
  4. Tiki is the FLOSS Web Application with the most built-in features. It is a CMS and a Wiki and a Groupware. So customers can get all these benefits from a unified application.
  5. Tiki has an all-in-one model. All the code is in one large package.
    • Customers won't want/need to install 3rd party extensions (and won't be asking you install, configure and support!). It's all already there.
      • This avoids all the issues of file permissions, messy/broken upgrades, etc.
    • All features are optional, so customers can fully manage via admin panel (no need to fiddle settings in text files)
    • Tiki includes several themes, and there are several zones to customize look & feel via the admin panel (Site title, subtitle, header, footer, etc).
      • If customers need advanced themeing, they can make/download custom themes, and override anything (CSS or layout via Smarty Templates), without touching system files.
    • Upgrades are very easy. Just overwrite files, and run installer, which upgrades the database.
  6. Tiki uses top notch, and actively developed underlying technology: PHP, Smarty, MySQL, Zend Framework and jQuery
  7. Tiki can be deployed in a multisite installation MultiTiki, saving disk resources on the server for as many tikis as needed sharing a single tiki installation on disk with additional folders and separate database for each website.
  8. Tools for mass-management are available: Tiki Remote Instance Manager: TRIM, a combination of shell and PHP scripts to install, update, backup, restore and monitor (check security of) a large number of Tiki installations (instances).
  9. Tiki has an extensive online Documentation, with printed manuals of more than 900 pages covering almost all tiki features.
  10. Tiki is very actively developed. -> http://cia.vc/stats/project/tikiwiki
  11. Tiki has a proven track record for security responsiveness. http://security.tiki.org/
  12. Tiki has a predictable release schedule. 2 major versions per year, and minor versions as needed. Please see Roadmap.
  13. Tiki offers both
    • frequently released new versions for people that want the "latest and greatest"
    • A Long Term Support (LTS) version for users that want less frequent upgrades and still getting all the security fixes
  14. Performance & scalability: there are many different aspects (which have been developed from experience of so many live instances) to help here, such as:
    • There are many levels of caching. Tiki natively uses Smarty caching, wiki page content caching (to avoid regenerating complex wiki pages) and various Tiki caches (to avoid hitting DB)
    • Indexes in MySQL
    • Tiki4 uses PDO
    • There is also a "performance" section in the admin panel. From here, can be deactivated features which are known to be CPU-intensive (like checking permissions on search results)
    • There is also a setting to close a site and offer a message (ex.: Site is overloaded at the moment, please try again later) to avoid taking down the server.
    • While Tiki is mostly used on shared servers, it also has built-in support for features useful for high volume sites (with load balancing, memcached, etc)
  15. Tiki offers a profiles system. This helps customers quickly configure Tiki to their needs (not just at install, but anytime). Of the dozens of profiles, here are 4 featured ones:
    • Personal Blog and Profile
    • Small Organization Web Presence
    • Collaborative Community
    • Company Intranet
  16. Above are examples of complete profiles. But, as profiles can be combined, there can also be, for example, a High_Performance profile which is applied. Say the hosting company wants to optimize Tiki settings (for performance, security or compatibility reasons) for all Tiki instances, there could be a profile "Hosting_Company_XYZ". And they could do so via the Tiki Remote Instance Manager: TRIM (because profiles can also be deployed via TRIM). And there is no need to modify any of the code, keeping upgrades easy.
  17. The Tiki community is very responsive. If a hosting company detects performance bottlenecks, or security issues, we want to know about them quickly to solve them!
  18. Tiki is a community-managed open source project. There is no risk that one day the code will no longer be open source.
  19. Tiki is translated to over 35 languages, and thus interesting for customers all over the World.
  20. Tiki is ranked in the top-5 most popular in the Content management category on Ohloh.net
  21. System Configuration, new in Tiki8
  22. We eat our own DogFood!

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