Tiki Software and Community Dashboard

This is a project of the Analytics Team


  • Set up a series of metrics and dashboard to monitor the overall health of Tiki the software (the code) and the community (people & projects).


  • Provide this information to Teams (with appropriate relevant suggested course of action if relevant)



  • As soon as we have enough people to make this happen

What are the types of questions we want answered?

  • How is our install base progressing?
    • Why are people using/staying with Tiki?
    • Why are people leaving Tiki?
  • How is the traffic evolving at *.tiki.org ?
  • How is the code base progressing vs number of features?
  • How is our Uptime evolving?
  • How is user satisfaction progressing?
    • Stats from Tiki Connect
    • From ratings "was this page helpful?" so we may prioritize
  • How is tiki.org performance evolving? (with user satisfaction) See: Performance Team
  • How is our IRC traffic evolving?
  • How is our bug / issues situation evolving?
    • Number of bugs reported
    • Average time to getting fixed

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