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The Tiki Admin Group is responsible for governance, overall coordination and all the rest including whatever that might fall between the cracks biggrin.

Admins are knowledgeable for all aspects of Tiki but each one has a special strength - even if they can do a little bit of everything. Admins rarely need to vote because community decisions usually result due to an organic process of consensus building and it's a doOcracy. When a vote is required, these are the people. This is the list on WhoWhat. Admins are by default in the Security Team. Admins are voted in by other admins. Admins typically also participate in the Tiki Software Community Association as members of the Board of Directors.

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Ongoing responsibilities

  • Add/remove SVN access for new contributors
  • Formal letters/interactions with other organizations
  • Make sure all Teams have people participating and taking leadership and are active and jump in for anything important that doesn't get done.
  • Vote as a last resort or if necessary for legal/political reasons (ex.: formal motion needed for external needs)
    • For example, they act as a safe guard, as a last resort to deal with Difficult People.
  • Maintain Where and SWOT analysis for Tiki. The whole community is invited to participate but it's the type of high-level stuff the Admin group should be particularly concerned with. smile
  • Make sure people can join & help (get commit access, register to tiki.org)
  • Keep *.tiki.org sites up & running
  • Make sure our externally provided systems work well, currently SourceForge.net (and Github to a lesser extent).
  • Address threats / changes that cause issues. Ex.: A slowdown of activity in a team can't be let to become a bottleneck for the rest of the community.
  • Respond to requests from partners. If we don't have time / resources, at least indicate, "sorry, we can't do".
  • Any official item on the Partnership Team Dashboard that is not handled directly by one of the Teams

Other Specific Tasks



Historically, the Tiki Admin Group has from time to time nominated new admins. From 2016, it was decided that each year at the end of January, a nomination process is opened to the broader community for recommendations for new Admins — as written on the 2016 Tiki Admin Group Nominations "Anyone who is in the Tiki Community can nominate someone else (i.e. not themselves) to join the Admin Group". This nomination process is followed by voting amongst the existing members of the Tiki Admin Group leading to the introduction of New Admins.

At the same time nominations for new admins are held, existing admins that have become inactive for a period of over 12 months will be retired into the Elders group. As a matter of process, when an Elder starts being active in various Teams again, the admins at that time will vote on inviting them back to become an admin. In other words, it is a similar process as being re-nominated except that there is no need to wait till the end of January for the annual nomination.

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