Welcoming New Users

Welcoming New Users is all about helping new users make good use of Tiki once it has been downloaded.

The belief is that Tiki can be very intimidating for new users, and though many people may download it, the impression is that a large portion of them give up before really seeing the potential behind it.

The end-result of better new user orientation is increasing the number of Tiki users which should see an increase in developers.

Initial Braindump


Should we try to have a monthly or bi-monthly call or something just to go over some of the things that we are doing? I fear that if we don’t do it, this could fall to the side.

Areas of Focus

This is a very broad goal, so identifying areas that should be focused on is important. This group may be more like a ‘watch’ team in that we’ll participate in other teams and try to ensure that there is focus towards retention.

  • Look and Feel - there are groups already that focus on design with the UX and Themes but it’s important for retention as well. Ensuring we have a nice clean look out-of-the-box and that people like the presentation of their bare/vanilla Tiki install is important.

  • Ease of installation - Working with and analyzing the wizard and setting up profiles that will be used is important. We should work with the Configuration Profiles for this.

  • Re-thinking the layout of the admin page. Eg. Could something similar to the WordPress dashboard be an option, for example?

  • Videos - I know there’s a team dedicated to this, but working with them to develop some simple YouTube videos to show people how to set up certain things in Tiki could be interesting. I’m thinking it could be nice to have things broken down into shorter videos as well.

  • Theming - Look at ways to make custom themeing easier for newbies. There are pre-defined themes, but, for example, it might be nice to have a page where a user is able to set colors for certain components, fonts, logos, etc from the admin dashboard. With LESS, this becomes a much more realistic option.

  • Team Vision - I think it’ll be important to set up a Team Vision soon. We’ll need to set up our priorities and identify which of these projects we should be undertaking.

  • Metrics and Feedback
    • Retention Progress It would be nice to be able to measure the progress that we’re making as a team somehow. Are retention rates going up? What are the main areas of difficulty for new users. ** For prioritizing it could also be interesting to know what features users are downloading Tiki for. Are they doing intranets, blogs, websites, etc ? When we develop profiles, which ones are they using? This would give us some insight into the types of videos we should be doing and what profiles we should be focused on.

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