UX and Themes Team

The UX and Themes Team is responsible to make Tiki look good and be enjoyable to use for visitors and content creators, and coordinates theme development.

Release responsibilities

  1. Make use of the test all themes profile and you will then have a drop down to easily successively test all themes.
    • Install the Tiki version to be released and apply successively the featured profiles.
    • Use the Pre-Dogfood Server to make sure themes work well with real world data.
    • Test with major browsers, including on desktop/laptop and mobile devices (tablets and phones).
    • Click around and fix what you can (layout, bad colors, missing padding, etc.).
      • Make sure to try to fix main problem so it fixes in all themes (ex.: layout CSS).
      • Keep in mind that bundled serve as a base for most of the custom themes that are made. Thus, they need to be as good as possible!
  2. Make sure basic features are intuitive and appealing for end users and content creators. For site admins, see Configuration Profiles Team.
    • Pretend you are a end-user and install Tiki and address any unclear user interface.


  • Maintain themes.tiki.org

Inactive members
Inactive members garethmcc and nicknone are invited to reactivate membership at any time.


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