About Tiki Teams

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What Teams are

What Teams are not

  • They are not closed. Anyone can help out in any role, and in more than one role as their interest and time permits.
  • The community is wiki way! You don't have to ask permission to commit code or improve the documentation for example. We don't want any potential bottlenecks.

What you should do if you are part of a team

Help to maintain your wiki page which answers:

  • What? Why? Who? When? How? etc.
    • It should be easy to see current status and for anyone to jump in and help
  • Suggested sections (a combination of wiki text and links to tasks on dev.tiki.org)
    • Intro, which is page inclusion like from Teams
    • Important or urgent things
    • Ongoing responsibilities (what are the recurring tasks and who is doing it or looking-for-a-volunteer)
    • One time tasks do-and-cross-out type tasks (A few hours at most, who is doing it or looking-for-a-volunteer, and estimated completion date)
    • What are the responsibilities at each release? Contributions of each Team to the release process
    • Projects (Things that take dozens of hours)
      • Once the project is completed, it will likely lead to adding new items to ongoing responsibilities
    • Main *.tiki.org sites related to this team
      • Lead: I commit to making things better here
      • Help: I can't take a leadership position, but will help when I can (and when asked)
      • Follow: I am interested in this stuff but not ready to help yet. Keep me in the loop of what is happening
    • Share procedures, best practices, etc.