In its nearly five years of service, Tiki 18 received nine incremental updates, most recently on September 20, 2022, as Tiki 18.9. Having reached the end of its service life, as shown on the page Version Lifecycle, Tiki 18 will no longer receive updates and fixes, so users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest Long-Term Support version — Tiki 24 as of this writing.

Any organization using Tiki 18 that wishes to continue using the version and not miss out on security fixes and other code maintenance is urged to select a qualified Tiki consultant.

EvoluData Solutions offers professional enterprise support

EvoluData Solutions (formerly has come forward to offer enterprise LTS support for Tiki 18. EvoluData also offers extended enterprise support for other past and current LTS versions of Tiki. If interested, please contact EvoluData directly. This service means that Tiki LTS versions will be privately supported for a period of up to 10 years, double the standard five years of support provided by the Tiki community of developers. Please see: