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  1. Find a role
  2. Suggest a translation
  3. Help with the documentation
  4. Help other users on the forums
  5. Send a bugfix/patch
  6. Test bug reports to confirm they are valid
  7. Tell people why you like Tiki (have you seen Why Use Tiki?)
  8. Hang out on IRC and help people
  9. Make a new theme
  10. Suggest ideas for a new theme (at themes.tiki.org)
  11. Recommend Tiki to people as a solution, if appropriate (check Features and update their ratings)
  12. Respond (calmly) to unfounded/uninformed criticisms of Tiki
  13. Participate at Tiki sites that are inviting members
  14. Suggest ways to improve Tiki
  15. Vote for Tiki
  16. Become a regular code contributor

1. Community organization

1.1. What may I expect from others within Tiki Community?

Community members do their best to follow Tiki Social Contract

1.2. What do others expect from me?

Others expect you to read understand and do your best to follow the Tiki Social Contract.

In addition you are requested to follow these basic rules within Tiki Community:

1.2.1. If you are not a developer

  1. exclaim Use and improve the docs
    Verbose mode:
    1. Search the documentation first and read the FAQ before asking questions.
    2. When asking questions update the documentation when you get the answers.
      When answering questions please reference the docs/FAQs/etc. This will increase the visibility (and maybe overall usage) a valuable resource.
    3. Those who complain about the documentation update its pages to make it better.
  2. exclaim Report bugs or feature enhancement requests
    Verbose mode:
    1. A bug only exists if it's reported in the bugtracker
    2. When in doubt file a bug report or request a feature/enhancement in the bugtracker
    3. If you can't code yourself your own enhancement ideas don't expect that your request will be implemented in short if ever. You might be interested in hiring a coder to do that for you if you think that things are getting done much more slowly than you would need/like.

Please also see: How to Contribute to Open Source Without Coding

1.2.2. If you are a developer

The traditional basic 3 rules for developers

  1. Respect Environment
  2. Commit early Commit often
  3. Make it Optional


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