Bilal Siddiq

Bilal has been a tech entrepreneur in the software development business since 1999, and has run a Tiki website since 2008. With a BSC (Computer Sciences), he has experience in UX/UI, design and CSS, as well as in communications (journalism, copywriting, SEO, etc.). His background also includes video production (storyboarding, shoot and post-production) and advertising, sales and marketing, with 20 years of experience in marketing digital services and products. Bilal and his wife Amna, who is a software programmer and partner in their work, became more directly involved in the Tiki project via

Brendan Ferguson

Brendan Ferguson started coding HTML/CSS when he was 16, building websites first for himself and then for the community. The love of frontend coding evolved into a love of backend coding, focusing on PHP and MySQL. Early in his education, he focused on programming but also took an interest in other fields of study, like philosophy while attending Brock University. Brendan’s hobbies include photography, the outdoors and fencing. Brendan made his first commit to the Tiki codebase on April 12th, 2014. Since then he has focused his efforts on security and automation within Tiki. Brendan is passionate about open source software and has felt at home in the Tiki community for years. Brendan resides in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Fabio Montefuscolo

Fabio is a "Brazilian software developer playing on Tiki" who also became more involved in the project by way of In that capacity, he has a focus on server uptime, Openfire Tiki interop (ConverseJS) as part of Openfire Meetings development, and is a coach for's TeamDRC, a group of young software developers in Democratic Republic of Congo (, etc.) being sponsored and mentored by Fabio has experience in PHP, Python, Java, and JavaScript languages; in Django, Codeigniter, and ReactJS frameworks; in Tiki and WordPress, and in ClearOS.

Lindon Barnfield

Lindon says: "I found Tiki when I was looking around to set up my first personal website. I picked it out from all the other one-click options the host had because of all its features, and then discovered the other big differentiator - the Tiki community. I am a hobby coder with an unrelated job, so I actually learned to code with the Tiki project - now I know my around pretty well but it takes a special kind of community to be so open and supportive in developing someone like me into an active contributor."

"I work mostly on the PHP, JavaScript and Smarty parts of the code across many of Tiki’s features. I’ve been working on security lately but have also worked on improving the user interface and experience. I like how versatile Tiki is and how the collaborative personality of the Tiki community is reflected in the software itself."