My name is Sridhar and I hail from Hyderabad, a city in southern India. I currently work in SumTotal, India.

My personal blog is at srikat.modblog.com.

You can mail me at neowin(at)gmail.com.

January 30 2005

Multi level menus using PhpLayers: MultiLevelMenus

January 27 2005
Changing ))::(( in the menus to + and - as in this site: ChangingMenuOpenClosetoPlusMinus

October 4 2003

I've started creating flash movies on how to do admin settings in tikiwiki w/ a hope that they will be helpful for newbies. The link to their list is here. Good to see dgd joinining in this project.

October 5 2003

I am providing a java applet that can be used to chat in #tikiwiki channel of IRC. Those who don't/can't use a IRC client can utilize this for a general wikitiki talk. Note that it is not a help channel and you should not demand or complain that no one is helping you. That said, it doesn't mean others (try to) help if you have a question or two and if they are in a mood to. IRC is a privilege, not a right. Enjoy. Just enter a nickname and hit 'Connect'.

October 6 2003

I've converted Tiki v1.6 manual from pdf to html and am providing it here.

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