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Video tutorials


Smarty Movies

The TikiWiki for Dummies Smarties guide now includes Flash (SWF)-based movies, too:

Several of the demo movies for Tiki 9. Check them out at http://twbasics.tikiforsmarties.com/Demo+Movies

Videos at tv.tiki.org

Many ways to use videos can be found here at the tiki.org community's server dedicated to manage video assets, although the site also needs updating - https://tv.tiki.org.

Here is a complete inventory of movies found:

Videos on YouTube (in English)

Search further for Tiki Wiki at Youtube.

TikiWiki CMS/Groupware lightning talk at FOSDEM 2009

At Fosdem 2009, Marc Laporte, gave a lightning talk about TikiWiki (15 min).

Here: Presentation Fosdem 2009

Introduction to Tiki in Catalan

See the full talk at: http://seeds4c.org/CanBaste

Introduction to Tiki in Spanish

See the full talk at http://seeds4c.org/Fscat2014es

Video-tutorials from a course in Spanish

Full information of the Course at: https://seeds4c.org/CursoTiki

End-user Movies

These movies show how an end-user can interact with a Tiki-powered site.

  • Creating a new wiki page
  • Adding events to the calendar
  • Submitting new directory resources
  • Using Search
  • Adding an RSS feed

These demos are hosted on KeyContent.org .

How to produce your own videos for free?

In order to produce your own videos, you can use, for instance:

Who is working on this:

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