Picture this first

Say a Tikian, by some reason:

  • feels that he/she wants to live somewhere else.
  • would like to have a face to face communication with another like-minded Tikian
  • need a hand with home management.

or yet...

  • ... a newbie developer would like just to have a place to go to have a coffee with a Tikian.
  • a young person, who loves computer or developing, but has never heard about Tiki, is looking for a place in his area (with internet connection) to stay and live in peace.

Then think about this...

Here is the point

Can we use wiki, Tiki and our Tikiway of life to also build and maintain TikiPlaces around the world for Tikians?

For what reason?

  • What if Tiki FLOSS concept and Tiki life style cross the boundaries of only technical aspects?

  • What if the Transparency concept is taken a little bit further, and Tiki Community start keeping track (at least for the active developers) of every Tiki Developer house structure (and why not equipment too)?
    • What could Tikians discover about each other reality?
    • Could it encourage them to consider the possibility of building, not only one, but several TikiPlaces and adapt them to the diferent Tikian styles and find ways to live together at least one period of the year and reduce cost for all?
  • What if Tikians meet each other beyond Tikifest?

Why TikiPlace would be diferent from what we already have in place?

  • A TikiHouse is a place to stay for participants of a TikiFest. A TikiHouse usually is a private flat or house owned by a community member, but can be as well a hostel or a temporary rented house.

  • A TikiCamp is when the place to stay is a camping side or a tent see


not meet on a regular daily basis. On a TikiFests usually people from
several countries or from several cities meet. It is required at least two
Tikians for a TikiFest to take place.

    • A TikiFest can be held at different places like a HackSpace, a

FreeOpenSourceSoftware convention or directly in the TikiHouse or at a

    • A highspeed internet connection and power supply are usual

requirements for a TikiFest location. Further more an appropriate
location for a TikiFest has a supply of beer and food nearby and an
opportunity to get coffee and tea.

TikiPlace Definition:

The definition of a TikiPlace would be, in this context, a house that
is not temporarily used as place for Tikians to stay, such as ( TikiHouse ),
but a permanent place, where Tikians can come, more or less, at any time
of the year and stay or live there for longer periods. TikiPlaces are
meant as "HomeBases" for Tikians to live and work together with the
option to hold TikiFests as well.

Some Benefits

TikiPlace could...

  • Reduce living costs for Tiki Developers that is looking for that.
  • Provide a Tiki environment and estimulate Tiki for Education Project
  • Promote Tiki Guided Tour for local citizens willing to know how a local home is Tikily managed.
  • Awaken the latent potential from within newbie developers' hearts thanks to the interaction with a real Tiki developer human presence.
  • Provide relaxation or environment changing to Tikians when the "dangers" of Do-Ocracy (as demonstrated in WikiCommunity) reachs Tiki community when the volume of tasks increases, still more, as Tiki and Tiki Suite grow.
  • Inspire the Tikians to develop, harder and still more, when they see, by themselves, by the contact with different people and communities whose lives, education and living can be improved a lot with Tiki advancement.
  • Push Tikians to get out of their routine (to not say comfort zone) and start traveling more by TikiPlaces around the world, while meeting and inspiring (in person) others developers with local demonstrations, speeches, interviews and talking to those that did not have the same opportunities he or she had?
  • Be the seed for Tiki Suite Village tests in a real Tiki Village environment.

... more envisioned benefits are welcome


Suggestive Proposals

  • Can TikiPlace start as a Tiki Project Site sub-menu?


  1. TikiPlace idea inserted at WishList
  2. This TikiPlace page created
  3. TikiPlace idea presented as a new topic at the forum
  4. Macnific has opened his house in Brazil to be transformed into a TikiPlace and needs hosting and technical support from Tiki community and is waiting Tiki Community feedback to advance.
  5. A huge Portuguese translation work will start to bring the already created English tiki pages to the Portuguese language for the 1st TikiPlace to be implemented.
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