A tradition in the Tiki community, a TikiFest is a meeting between Tiki contributors (that usually only meet online). This is an opportunity to socialize, code and demonstrate and discuss wiki technology and culture, etc.


Tikifest Strasbourg 2011 is planned to be held within the premises of the Council of Europe




Everybody who wishes to attend needs to provide their real name, in order to be allowed entrance in the premises by Security.

Real name matching IDArrivalDepartureLodging arrangements and comments
Pascal Kustner (pkdille) local local -
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem) local local Will attend and help organise TikiFest and LSM and WikiFest (sleeping is for the weak biggrin )
Jean-François Bilger (changi) local local -
Torsten Fabricius 6th End of RMLL Thanks a lot for TikiDinner and champagne, was a nice birthday evening with you lads :-)
Olaf-Michael Stefanov (omstefanov) 4 July 8 July (booked at Victoria Garden** 4-8 July. I looked at Jean-Marc Libs' list and about 5 hotels are already booked for 6 & 7 July. can change booking until 24hrs before I arrive) will leave eve of 8th as my birthday on 9th
Stefan Sieferer ? ? not sure if and when (job)?
Jörn Ott (cdrwhite) ? ? ?
Jonny Bradley (jonnyb) lunchtiime on the 6th after RMLL Booked ferry (arrive Dunkirk evening of the 5th) - would like to stay in the TikiHouse and hope to stay (probably at the TikiCamp) for RMLL
Angela Hoffmeyer maybe at 9th/10th - ?
Frank Gesang ? ? planned to get there Stefan Sieferer: Mitfahrgelegenheit? call me at IRC (SiL3NC3)
Emil Ivov Petrov local local lead dev of Jitsi Tiki Suite component which will be presented at RMLL: http://2011.rmll.info/Tiki-Suite
Stéphane Casset (Sept_7) local local -
Carsten Aevermann??not sure
You? ? ? ?

Topics of interest




+ i18n vs. wikitranslate.net not yet discussed



 quick update / info from the devel-list

Thank you big time for giving us accomodation and support us with your flat as TikiHouse, Rémy.

From tonight (8th) Jonny and Torsten will open the TikiCamp at Camping Montagne Verte in the west of Strasbourg, very close to the city centre.

TikiCamp 1.0

As advertised, Jonny and Torsten set up TikiCamp 1.0 on Friday the 8th, and then on Sunday instigated version 1.1 when we upgraded to over the road under a nice big tree to get some shade. Currently v1.1 has issues with some bees (rather than bugs) but we hope we can avoid having to release v1.2 by trying hard not to annoy them.

These photos kindly taken and supplied by Jyhem:

Image Image Image


Let's take advantage of the work done by the people from Libre Software Meeting (LSM).
Their page concerning accomodation. Online booking is now available for rooms, t-shirts, The Free Software Banquet
There is a nice camping site with free ))WiFi(( quite near the city center.
Camping de la Montage Verte see also LSM page concerning Camping de la Montage Verte.

Jean-Marc's findings
I asked around. Some colleagues have lists of hotels but they mostly seem rather expensive, and I doubt it will be easy to found a room there for the 6th of july. I join the file just for for reference.

There is also the European Youth Centre Strasbourg (EYCS) (no age requirements) which is near Council of Europe and Tram. I'm told it usually has rooms even during parliamentary sessions.
Prices seem high for single rooms (45€) but they have rooms for 2-3 people (30.50€) : http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/youth/eyc/Holding_activity_2011_en.asp#TopOfPage
It's necessary to take the tram to reach pubs but I know there is a big nice lobby suitable for rest and discussions.

In terms of what could resemble a TikiHouse, there is a hotel that has suites which can accept up to 4 people here: http://www.victoriagarden.com/-Strasbourg-1-2-.html
The Family Suites can host 4 people but again, the 6th of july seems already unavailable for booking online (maybe direct contact could work if they don't put 100% of them available online).

That's the summary of my findings... I'm not sure these findings look better than Torsten's Camping-besides-the-youth-Hostel plan :-)


There seems to be a way of renting bikes for 5€/day


How to come to Strasbourg

by train
The train station is right next to city centre, and everywhere can be reached from there using the tram. Trams drive until 24:30 at night.

by car
Some info: in Strasbourg, having a car is a hindrance, not an advantage. It is difficult to drive around and park. If you come by car, you are likely to leave it parked until you leave again.

by ship

by plane
The nearest airport is the Strasbourg-Entzheim so-called "International" airport. It is dwarfed by nearby bigger airports : Frankfurt, Basel, Baden-Baden. Lufthansa operates a Frankfurt-Strasbourg shuttle.

Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre (2011.rmll.info) happen right afterwards.
Some practical information for RMLL is also useful for TikiFest (english translation still partial)

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