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We want a WYSIWYG Spreadsheet/table plugin. The goal is to be able to embed spreadsheets in wiki pages/articles similar to how JGraphPad does with graphics.

Once we have a basic spreadsheet, we will no doubt add a possibility to generate simple graphs from the data. ex.: evolution of sales

We initially partnered with Jeppers (java applet) but now we are writing from scratch in Javascript, aka TikiSheet. TikiSheet is designed to be modular and portable to other web applications.

To try it our now, please see TikiSheetDemo


Louis-Philippe Huberdeau
Marc Laporte

Competition and standards

There does not seem to be any other open source projects which offer similar functionality. We hope other open source web applications will also use & enhance TikiSheet.

Please see Spreadsheet/table editor in directory for related info.


original RFE


  • reinstate libs which were deleted (they are now LGPL)
  • add individual (sheet per sheet) permissions to override general perms
  • reinstate the items which should be the application menu. (I think they were there before) (ex.: list sheets, new sheet, admin sheets). Items should only appear if the user has appropriate perms
  • watch feature (small eye) next to the edit button
  • history of sheet should list when it was modified and by whom.
    • requires modification of the database, information not kept at this time (not before release)
  • add TikiSheet to Tiki rewrite rules
  • add TikiSheet to search engine
  • export in character code selected by user in his/her prefs (currently csv export only possible in utf-8).

CVS Doc section

We need the full URL of a standard localhost site for sheet creation and admin... Where are the params found for this tool? ML: What do mean?

Now considered as 'quite stable' in CVS, try it out!

TikiSheet is a web-based spreadsheet, similar to MS Excel or OOo Calc. If you use a different browser and find bugs, feel free to report them, I might be able to fix them.

Tested and working

  • Mozilla > 1.3
  • Firefox > 0.7
  • Internet Explorer 6 (2004-05-24)
  • Konqueror 3.5

Tested and failed

  • Konqueror (version?)
  • Opera 7.54u2 for Windows

Really, if you want to test it out, get tiki from CVS and try it out!!


  1. Dynamic row and column add/removal
  2. Cell merging
  3. Calculations, easy to extend
    • All standard operators
    • SQRT
    • MIN
    • MAX
    • SUM
    • AVG
    • SUMIF
  4. History/Rollback capacity
  5. Import/Export
    • Text file (TikiSheet native)
    • CSV
    • MS Excel
    • OpenOffice.org (disabled)
    • Wiki Tables (import only)
  6. Flexible CSS-driven output format configuration
    • Specify the CSS class used by the table
    • Identify how many rows are part of the header and footer
    • Keeps history/rollback when used with the default database handler
  7. Copy calculations on multiple cells
  8. Tiki integration, plugin available in wiki pages
  9. Cell formatting
  10. Charts (using GraphEngine, see GraphEngineDev )

Planned Features

  • Import/Export
    • OpenOffice.org
  • Fix for Konqueror (this is WAY down the list)
  • Integrate with Trackers (Import/Export for Trackers)

Currently accepting feature suggestions, just write them down in here.

Known Bugs

  1. Excel calculations are not being imported
  2. Excel cell merges are not being exported?
  3. OpenOffice.org export is far from perfect right now.
  4. Small problem importing: exemple of importing table with pipe used in a hyperlink
    • I don't really plan on fixing this one. Wiki syntax is not supported anyway inside sheets.

Fixed Bugs

  1. Merged cells display a bunch of empty extra columns (2005-04-11)
  2. anonymous has an edit button, (should not because anon doesn't have tiki_p_sheet_edit), howerver, gets an error when trying to save (2005-04-12)
  3. Why do I have both 2 create new sheet buttons? (which have diff link) (2005-04-12)
  4. Attempting to import an invalid file format results into a -> Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 10304 bytes in lib/sheet/grid.php on line 741 (2005-04-13)
  5. Anon user has an export button but then gets an error message (2005-04-13)
  6. anonymous users should been able to edit this sheet See TikiSheetDemo for perm listing. It is possible to edit, it's just the button which is missing. (2005-04-16)
  7. User column title is missing but it is fine in the other demo (2005-04-16)
  8. no borders when displaying spreadsheet
    • LPH: This one needs to be updated in every CSS file unless I am missing something. I'll need a tiki-master to help me on this one. ML: Yes it does but there is a workaround: I added it to styles/transitions/1.8to1.9.css


Feel free to create a stylesheet. 'default' one is very basic.

The function library could use some contributions. The file is located at: lib/sheet/formula.js. It simply contains a list of JavaScript functions that can be executed by the grid. Simple values (A1) are sent directly and ranges (A1:B3) are sent as a single dimensional array containing all values in the range. As much as possible, use the same names used in MS Excel and OOo Calc, it will be useful later on to convert the formats and will help users anyway.

If a feature can't be implemented directly because it requires a different syntax, notice me.

Practical use in the classroom

I was hoping to have my students keep logs of the money they spent on X Y and Z and try to realign attention to practical money matters.

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