We initially partnered with Jeppers to develop a Spreadsheet component to Tiki. Cameron Zemek has informed me that won't be developing Jeppers as originally thought.

Below is Jeppers related information for "historical" value.

Jeppers aims to be a full featured spreadsheet application written in 100% pure Java. Additionally it strives to provide a lightweight spreadsheet component that is flexible and reusable.
Please see: TikiSheetDev

We have forged a partnership with the Jeppers project. Here is a demo


original RFE
Jeppers & Tiki partnership for an online spreadsheet
Jeppers Applet Demo
Help needed for Tiki-Jeppers Spreadsheet (java devs: here's your chance)
Stop me or give me a thumbs up please :-)

Help needed

Help is needed with the following:

  • Format Cells dialog (see Format->Cells... in Excel)
  • Implementation of functions for cell formulas
  • Logo
  • End user documentation

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