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This is quite a patchwork! If you have a better solution, you just volunteered to be in charge of the next such meeting.

  1. A dozen community members will be physically present in a conference room at CGCOM.
  2. Sound & Video will be broadcast & recorded via Ustream
  3. Two projectors will be showing on the wall 1- the IRC chat 2- the Ustream video
  4. Remote participants will be able to participate
    1. On the IRC Chat (which is projected on the wall)
    2. Or via Skype audio. Contact Pascal St-Jean to be added. He will SkypeOut a POTS speakerphone in the conference room. Please have a headset or mute your mic when you are only listening.
  5. All conclusions are to be added to this wiki page. All participants are responsible from transcribing stuff. That means you!

Get links here:

To contact Pascal:
chat pascalstjean


13h-16h, local time in Montreal. Check your time zone


  1. Review of decisions and strategies since TikiFest2008-Strasbourg
  2. Community organization. Background info: SWOT
  3. Roadmap
  4. Branching/merging strategy
  5. Add your topic here

We have to close up around 16h, to get ready for the Cocktail

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