TikiFest Strasbourg 2008


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TikiFest is a tradition in the TikiWiki community. A TikiFest is when there is a meeting between at least 2 TikiWiki contributors that don't meet usually. This is an occasion usually for drinking adult beverages, getting laptops out and coding wildly in group sessions, discussing about wiki technology and culture, etc. depending the mood and context. It is a great opportunity for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff biggrin


July 9-10-11-12-13 2008 (It's official!)
A few days after RMLL 2008


Confirmed to be in person at Strasbourg

  • Pascal Kustner (pkdille) local organizer
  • Patrice Weber (local)
  • Stéphane (sept_7) (local)
  • Jyhem (Jean-Marc) (local)
  • Marc Laporte arrives Tuesday July 8th 14h, leaves Monday July 14th 15h
  • Louis-Philippe Huberdeau arrives July 7th at 10h, leaves Monday July 14th 15h
  • Patrick Allard arrives July 7th at 10h, leaves Monday July 14th 15h
  • Nelson Ko arrives July 9th in the afternoon, leaves Monday July 14th
  • Alexander Mette
    • arrives on 2008-07-09 at 1413 local time (GMT!?) at the main train station
    • leaves on 2008-07-13 at 1745 local time (GMT!?) from the main train station
  • luci arrives by car on July 9th, and leaves on the 11th
  • Franck Martin "will be in Strasbourg 9 and 10 have to leave on 11"

Distant participation

  • Xavi: Improving Documentation for 1.10
  • Gary (chibaguy)
  • Alain Désilets (testing the crap out of this thing, hopefully using the new TikiTests framework)


  • Gilles Maire
  • Djamel
  • Niclone
  • Sylvieg
  • Tom B
  • Redflo
  • Oliver Hertel
  • you?


Getting there

  • luci is going by car on Wednesday July 9th morning from Switzerland so if any of local Tikians wanna join, feel free to contact him to share the ride

Hotel bookings

Difficult especially on July 9 or before because of other events happening in Strasbourg.

Booked Stuff

  • 2 bookings at F1 for 9th to 10th
    • nelson/amette - private double
    • lphuberdeau/patrick - booked, but no idea what/how (seems to be for three nights)

  • 3 bookings at Hotel Esplanade (10th to 13th)
    • nelson: private double for 20 Euro/night/person (10th to 14th)
    • amette+luci(10th to 11th): private triple for 15 Euro/night/person (10th to 13th)
    • lphuberdeau: booked, but no idea what

Other accomodation possibilities

  • Arc en Ciel
    • Room for four people - Cheap(18 Euros per person per night), nice, WiFi

  • Any local Tikians offering overnight sleep/accommodation for free ?


  • time to plan/discuss long term stuff (vision, etc)
  • improvements to Tiki 1.10.x, possible release 1.10.0, during the event
    • Release number change to Tiki 10.0 (proposal)
  • improve our ongoing efficiency with better tools.

Wednesday July 9th


Operational points



Group photo

See attached files below


TRIM (lphuberdeau)
Wiki-translation.com (lphuberdeau)
profiles.tiki.org (lphuberdeau)
Code indentation (pkdille)

pkdille will prepare a proposal

UI topics, Common Layout proposal (pkdille) & Template simplification (jyhem) easier for designers

Thursday July 10th

Presentations of each participant

Someone to introduce sept7 who is absent today

Stop support of PHP4- and/or non-MySQL databases

PHP4 support will be dropped in version 3.0
non-MySQL will be revisited later

Technical release 1.10/2.0 (lphuberdeau)

New page: ReleaseNotes20


Friday July 11th

Performance (nkoth for Moz)

Low hanging fruits for Yslow? incremental things can be done - js compressing, css.
Merge Mozilla patches.

Tiki Core Project (nyloth)

    • TikiCore

Priority is to re-organize core libs like tikilib.php. This will be done in a way that is backward compatible at first, i.e. the current libs will remain a wrapper for the new lib/core/lib.php. The aim is to provide a more stable, more readable, and better documented core. It should also make the creation of a lightweight API to these functions easily (the lightweight API will be gradually incrementally added on a needs-basis -> the aim is not to architecture a framework but to really focus on making our lives or way of calling these libs easier -> i.e. incremental approach vs. design and build approach).

Reminder: main scripts should not call sql directly.

Unit tests for TikiCore

We need tests - figure out a way to do this at the same time we do this TIkiCore. new TikiCore should be progressively introduced to ensure proper testing framework in in first.

    • Documented API

Document existing API first --- light API around it will be nice to have.

Use Cases (marclaporte)

Use Cases review

TikiTests (sept_7)


TikiObjects (sept_7)

New object-oriented and centralized storage for data and meta-data

      1. Plan for Drag & drop uploads (with Flash or Java applet?)

Saturday July 11th

  1. TikiCore Concrete Example


  • jyhem will add a field about reason why something is in mods
  • Add manual installation doc. (marclaporte)
  • Nelson may spend some time for minor enhancements


Nyloth will split the feature checks

WikiSyntax + table editor

WYSIWYG (saving as html or as wiki syntax) & TikiDav (Open Office and WebDav)


lphuberdeau will rework the interface and make them all optional

Fixperms.sh vs setup.sh

Nyloth will merge

Hosting needs (ex.: doc.tw.o needs to move. mods, etc)

  • New dedicated server for tikiwiki.org (amette & jyhem) for irc.tw.o, doc.tw.o and maybe tikiwiki.org

Use any font in TikiWiki (not just web fonts)

Use any font in TikiWiki (not just web fonts) (patrick)

Viral TikiWiki

    1. Automatic bug reporting and voluntary stats submission (like Debian popularity contest)

Release process and frequency

  • Every 6 months
  • For security releases, they will include bug fixes until then. We will not release just security, without anterior bugfixes (too complicated)
  • We intend to release 2.x to 2.y tarballs.

Still to be discussed

  1. Marc to check the bug list and make short list of things to fix
  2. Discuss on the current state of Tiki
  3. Long term vision & goals
  4. Community organization
    1. Day to day tools
  5. Dev topics & demos
    1. Smarty functions and blocks to be used in every templates (nyloth)
    2. propagate smarty plugins
    3. Category permissions (what should it do?, what is a bug?)
    4. Revamp perms (and especially for category perms) + perms through tikiobjects discussion
    5. CRM
    6. Workspaces
    7. Security Dashboard presentation
    8. Staging and approval (nkoth)
  6. Prochain TikiFest

Distant participation agenda

(suggest items and add you name next to it if you are interested that this is addressed by the distant participants, as much as they are skilled to and willing to do it)


  • Linking a tracker to the registration process in tw.o, so that new users in tw.o can decide to join TW Community, beyond being simply registered users at tw.o. (See more information at WhoWhat page):
    • In favor: xavi, marclaporte
      Offering to work on that: xavi
    • Comments:
    • Related bugs to be fixed yet:
      • compulsory checkbox needs to be ensured that it's working (it was not before). See bug report.
      • username should be seen at tracker8. See bug report
      • some weird duplication of the static text field is shown below.

  • Improve documentation and usability on trackers (they are very powerful, but new users and power users don't know yet how to use their advanced features) :
    • how to link information from two trackers (like offers and demands in an exchange network):
      Linking Trackers

To be done

  • Improve documentation and usability on trackers (they are very powerful, but new users and power users don't know yet how to use their advanced features) :
    • improve explanation shown on each tracker filed type at design time. Non coders can't understand the current explanation (which is very hard to understand for non-coders => unusable for new users and power users).
      (or making a profile?)
      Offering to work on that: xavi

  • Task:
    • In favor:
      Offering to work on that:
    • Considering it's not urgent for these TikiFestStrasbourg days:

Many ideas at Community Projects, Ongoing Community Tasks and PromoSquad


Can we broadcast session?
We could use http://www.dimdim.com to broadcast some of the sessions, best if we have ready made slides to upload on DimDim


Proposed future release schedule

Please see RoadMap

Branching and releasing structure

where to commit


  • On an ongoing basis, merging must be done from Stable to Dev
  • When in release mode, merging must be done as well.
  • From the various experimental branches to Dev

Task List

  • Basic styles list + documentation (Luci)
  • Split main css file and move basic styles into css/basic.css (nyloth)
  • Add an admin panel to specify 5 preferred colors + font-sizes + width of right and left columns (who ?)
  • document common smarty plugins with a code example (tiki-example.tpl) (nyloth)
  • modify "site identity" admin page to add icons at the top that will allow to choose the global layout (columns activated or not, ...) -> see: http://www.thenoodleincident.com/tutorials/box_lessons/boxes.html
  • Create some different icons for each official theme (Patrick Allard)
  • Change doc so newbies should checkout trunk, and not branches/2.0

TODO for RC2

  • remove BETA from the installer
  • secDB change 2.0 to 2.0RC2 for RC2

Version 3.0/to be discussed

  • default diff post 1.9.x
  • http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-admin_notifications.php -> problem on upgrade
  • check default settings like WYSIWYCA & default settings for inter user messages
  • Plan next TikiFests
  • Should the new message (post-edit wiki page) be changed or removed? MoinMoin fait: Thank you for your changes. Your attention to detail is appreciated.
    Clear message

Pictures from the TikiFest

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