TikiWiki 2.0 (previously known as 1.10) was released in August 2008

Article about 2.0 release

Who worked on this?

TikiWiki is truly a community success. Over 80 people contributed 6894 commits (code changes) to the source code of version 2.0 and so many more to testing, documentation, bug reporting, etc.

Nelson Ko acted as release manager and Louis-Philippe Huberdeau handled the packaging.

Alphabetical list of contributors

  1. alain_desilets
  2. amette
  3. ang23
  4. atooni
  5. awolfff
  6. beuc
  7. bluestrain
  8. brian_moore
  9. chibaguy
  10. chriscramer
  11. damosoft
  12. darzee
  13. etuate
  14. evanprodromou
  15. fmathias
  16. fmk_ca
  17. franck
  18. frank_p
  19. fr_rodo
  20. garygriffin
  21. ggeller
  22. gillesm
  23. gregmartin
  24. guidoscherp
  25. hangerman
  26. hsaelens
  27. ice8878
  28. illori
  29. jdrexler
  30. jmaspons
  31. joeyhartmann
  32. jonnybradley
  33. josefgc
  34. jreyesg
  35. jyhem
  36. k2s
  37. karneevor
  38. kerrnel22
  39. kokohuyb
  40. leyan
  41. lfagundes
  42. lihaowei2008
  43. lmoss
  44. lphuberdeau
  45. luciash
  46. marclaporte
  47. marcmont
  48. marcoaasilva
  49. mashmorgan
  50. mbrackeva
  51. mcfarland
  52. michael_davey
  53. mose
  54. m_stef
  55. mystic_ca
  56. niclone
  57. nikchankov
  58. nkoth
  59. ntavares
  60. nyloth
  61. ohertel
  62. papercrane
  63. parkercroft
  64. philwhipps
  65. pkdille
  66. princessxine
  67. rabiddog
  68. redflo
  69. ricks99
  70. rischconsulting
  71. rlpowell
  72. rv540
  73. sampaioprimo
  74. sept_7
  75. sylvieg
  76. tibistibi
  77. toggg
  78. tombombadilom
  79. wesleywillians
  80. xavidp
  81. yonixxx
  82. yuzhenxin

What's new in 2.0?

There are tons of enhancements. Really! You can read the changelog to see the 6894 commits (code changes)

Or you can read the general overview of new features:

1.9.x to 2.0 migration tips

As with any major release, if you have a production site, test the upgrade to the new version on a test environment first.

Read the installer instructions carefully to know which script to run

Remember, backup your database before running any scripts!

The tiki_1.8to1.9.sql will bring your database up to the latest version of the 1.9 series and then the tiki_1.9to2.0.sql script will bring you from the 1.9 database to the 2.0 database schema.

PHP memory requirements

Tiki 2.0 needs a memory_limit setting fixed to, at least, 32M. With less than 32M, you will have some white screens when browsing some functions.

Category Permissions

Category permissions have changed significantly in 1.10. Most notably in order to edit content in categories a user needs tiki_p_edit_categorized. This permission needs to be manually assigned to groups in Category Admin and Groups Management individually.

A database administrator can consider using the information in Category Perms MySQL queries to facilitate an upgrade. However note that these queries give users that previously had the ability to view content in categories to edit the content as well. This may not be what you intend. The safe way is to configure permissions manually.

Also if you had upgraded using the Tiki installer then users that previously had the ability to view content that is categorized will continue to have them. If you however upgraded by manually running 1.9to2.0.sql there are some queries here that you may have to run Category Perms MySQL queries.


  • Descriptions no longer accept html but can be wiki parsed
  • Field type: user selector options have changed. You need to reset them according to the new doc. (or maybe just a bug)

Customized templates

  • If you customized your templates you should remake them.
  • Even with bundled themes you will notice some visual changes
  • You may want to change "Preference syntax" in tiki-admin.php?page=general to 1.9.x to use old variable names or you can convert your templates to use the new variable names using this script


Edit CSS and Edit Templates

Many users do not realize that these features that provide the ability to edit files that are part of the TikiWiki installation from the web can be a security risk if permission to use these features are given to non-admin users, and that editing of local files on the server is inherently risky. Pending further improvements in version 2.1 and 3.0, changes in this version 2.0 have added input sanitization for many strings that are deemed risky — making it likely that certain content cannot be entered through these features. The workaround is to edit the files on the server directly.

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