Get TikiWiki 2.0 here:

We thank all the security people who audited 2.0 before the release. As always, please report any security issues to

Specifically, the following people helped to identify issues that were addressed before release:

What's new in TikiWiki 2.0?

TikiWiki 1.9.11 was already the open source Web app with the most built-in features. It now has even more features, is faster and has a better user interface. Please see:

Please also see the Release notes, especially if you are upgrading from a previous version.

Report any issues here:

Try Before You Install

You can play with a fully functional Tiki demo, hosted by, before you install Tiki on you server. Try it out now.
Additionally, you can download an iso of the tw:TikiLiveCD, version 1.9.11 or 2.0, burn a CD (or use a virtual machine with it) and play with it.

Work has already started on TikiWiki 3.0, which will be released in April 2009. The main focus of version 3.0 will be further enhancements to the user interface, the admin interface, the theme system and built-in themes.