Nelson Ko acted as release manager
Huge push to release was done at TikiFest2008-Strasbourg

1.1. Release Candidate 1 files


Please indicate issues here:

  • Double check that Search-Engine-Friendly URLs is in experimental tab
  • label is still indicating Beta
  • SecDB is messed up
  • user don't have any feedback that is necessary to create a calendar before adding events.
  • on upgrade from previous 1.10svn (using a "1.10 svn switched to 2.0" version following Download instructions) using "tiki-install.php?lang=ca"
    1. After cliking on upgrade from 1.9to2.0 there is not that intermediate step to chose from running another script entering tiki disabling or without disabling the install script etc.: the homepage is shown just after that to me. (Xavi)
    2. perms on mypage are still shown through "Admin > groups > perms" (according to irc discussions mypage feature was going to be removed from 2.0 and left only in trunk) (Xavi)
    3. TikiTests perms are missing (Xavi)

    Those last three issues are not shown if installing a new Tiki 2.0rc1 from scratch instead of upgrading a previous 1.10svn one.
  • One error on Slashdot.prf
  • Remove Fishclub.prf
  • TikiTests doesn't show the red top bar while using some of the new themes like thenews.css or feb12.css (the bar is shown on tikineat.css or tikinewt.css instead).
  • Nice new TW logo! smile but it has white background which doesn't matter on thenews.css but it does on any other theme with non white background. Why not transparent background? (Xavi)
    tikilogo.png - img342
    tikilogo.png - img342
    tikilogo_transp.png - img343
    tikilogo_transp.png - img343

    marclaporte: good idea but logo still needs a bit of work: http://trim.rclaporte.com/svn/2.0/

      • hi

        i've created the logo in Inkscape as a quick hack during the tikifest in

        i'm attaching the SVG file so you can modify it easily as it is in
        vectors the TW logo itself though is embedded bitmap image (PNG) which
        should be replaced with vectors version (which i haven't had with me at
        tikifest... i'll send that later)

        the font used for "TikiWiki" is GentiumAlt (attaching that one too)

        please also note that without 24-bit alpha transparency support (or a
        PNG transparency hack) in browsers such as IE6 it will look ugly on
        darker backgrounds if you export it as indexed palette transparent PNG
        or GIF

        — luci

    • At tiki-admin.php?page=login some settings are deactivated ex.: users_prefs_allowMsgs disabled when I click "change user defaults" in the MyTiki section (even though I didn't disable anything)

    1.2. Release Candidate 2 files


    1.3. Release Candidate 4 files


    Please indicate issues here:

    • New TW logo still with white background. Why not using something similar to the one with transparent background? (example below). It's not nice with the new themes feb12.css darkroom.css etc.
      • it would need to set the background color of the logo to white in prefs for Look'n'Feel by default and some of the chibaguy's themes seem to not support full width for the site logo but personally i don't see it as a big issue as it fits the default theme after installation and the default logo is there just for demonstration purposes (most people will go to change it to their own anyway) — luci
    • tiki-adminusers.php is confusing in 2.0 batch upload should be separate like in 1.9.11

    Also see:

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