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Related to Testing Tiki installations on major Shared Hosting companies, some notes/todos about making use of affiliate programs to generate revenue for the Tiki Association.

  1. Setup as a Bluehost affiliate done previously
  2. Setup as a HostMonster affiliate done below
  3. Setup a Dreamhost affiliate done and contact them to add Tiki to the
  4. Finish up similar to (started)
  5. Marc to recontact James to apply for Bluehost Open Source Service (BOSS) officially. Jared Smith lives in Virginia and works full time for the BOSS program. His responsibility is to work with projects like us. So we could ask him to get the right people to review Tiki Check and get some feedback from the perspective of a hosting company. He could even come to a TikiFest. We can also apply for grants for events.
  6. Answer Arvixe (Marc)
  7. Clean up Tiki Friendly Hosts
  8. Link to done
  9. Make a nice page/video like
  10. Pursue discussion on Publicity and add a way for people to contact us if they want to add ads.
  11. Start a discussion on how to use the money (marketing, travel expenses, etc.) -> Priorities for TSCA funds
  12. Setup as a dogfood account at Bluehost
  13. Setup Tax info for Bluehost and Hostmonster with help from the Finance Team. (they can't pay until the tax info is handled) Deadline: January 1st, 2013

Bluehost will supply free test accounts for developers to test. If you want one, let me know. We have a test account at
Jyhem will take one in November.

After this, we could look for other similar deals in various markets, especially Europe.

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