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Retiring the past / spring cleaning

Tiki recently turned 20!

And we released Tiki25, which is the most important release ever.

Most important?

Some cleanups:

Each version, we review proposals: Endangered features

Tiki 18 LTS
Lifecycle is working really well



AdoDB support is deprecated. Remove before branching 28.x.

From mods to add-ons to packages

Development process

The server for Git and SVN combined workflow will be retired

How Git changed our process

This is our 4th version control setup (cvs -> svn- -> svn-Allura -> GitLab)
Add ideas from

3 rules
Rule no x commit early and often is not the same with Git
A commit has way more content/value than a commit in the old days

"Wiki Way to software development" has evolved.

Community chat

IRC -> experiment (XMPP) -> Gitter -> Gitter/Matrix

Close other sites

Profiles was launched in 2009 as part of Tiki3. We never decided on a lifecycle so data has been growing for years.

Next steps:

Jean-Marc and Marc

To review all of Hetzner